Play of the Day: Obama Already Knows What He’s Getting For Father’s Day

Edward Snowden and the president continue to stay in comedians’ spotlight.

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Despite no new news coming from the story, the National Security Agency’s surveillance program continues to be a main source of jokes from late-night television hosts. Late Nigh t’s Jimmy Fallon connected the program to John Cusack’s most famous scene and the news this week that a man tried to jump the fence at the White House . The Tonight Show ’s Jay Leno and TBS’ Conan O’Brien connected MySpace’s relaunch to the NSA scandal, with an emphasis on the site’s lack of popularity.

Noting Father’s Day, both O’Brien and The Late Show ’s David Letterman joked about the surveillance program and how it might affect the holiday. O’Brien also noted Google’s claim that it will continue to protect its users personal information.

Fast forward to 3:35 to see Letterman unveil his Father’s Day Preview for the president.