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While Joe Biden visits the Pope, there are still jokes here in DC.

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Jay Leno was up in arms Tuesday about all things economic. Touching on the Cypriot bailout , Serbian woman Bojana Danilovic’s rare brain condition and various government programs he has deemed wasteful, The Tonight Show host was adamant that the federal government is doing a bad joke managing its finances. Barack Obama was the butt of most of the jokes, but he even got in a joke about Agriculture Department finance programs .

Late Night ’s Jimmy Fallon mentioned Rand Paul’s politcal turn on immigration reform , but had his best jokes for the strange-but-true photo of Joe Biden attending Pope Francis’ first official mass . On CBS, David Letterman brought Biden into the Obama/Satan controversy from Monday and joked about the Republican leadership’s recent introspection .

Fast forward to 3:35 to see Leno laud the Senate barber shop’s fiscal fortunes.