Burning Question: What do you wish your boss did?

Smile? Pay more attention? Fire that guy in the next cubicle?

There are great bosses, good bosses, so-so bosses, and real nightmares. What do they have in common? There's always something they could do better.

"I've had a lot of bosses and there are always things I wish they did," Steve Ressler posted at GovLoop recently. He went ahead and listed five of them.

They ranged from the provocative ("Fire the lazy worker" -- not an easy thing in the federal context) -- to the simple: "Smile some more."

Since the list was posted, commenters have weighed in with their thoughts too, which often boil down to one word: Communication. The more of it, the better. That's been a mantra for years, especially in government. But apparently, some managers still aren't getting -- or delivering -- the message.

Top Five Things I Wish the Boss Did

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