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See How Your Agency Would Fare Under Trump's 2020 Budget

The White House proposed drastic cuts to non-defense agencies.

President Trump’s third annual budget proposal recommends drastic cuts to discretionary spending at non-defense agencies in fiscal 2020.

The reductions amount to a 5 percent drop from estimated fiscal 2019 levels, or about $30 billion. Some areas fared better than others, however, as agencies like the Veterans Affairs Department and NASA saw proposed increases to support administration priorities. The Environmental Protection Agency, Army Corps of Engineers and State Department would see the biggest cuts. All told, the budget proposed $2.7 billion in cuts over the next 10 years.

“This is the most spending reductions that have ever been sent to Congress over the course of our three budgets,” a senior administration official told reporters on Monday. He added that the budget targets “many, many programs that we believe are wasteful and inefficient.”

Trump has proposed similar cuts in his previous budgets, but they have mostly been ignored by Congress during the appropriations process. Still, the document sets the groundwork for the fight to come. Unless Congress acts to raise mandatory spending caps under a law President Obama signed in 2011, spending across defense and non-defense accounts would face $126 billion in cuts.

Here’s a look at how major agencies would fare under Trump’s proposals: