Photo: Flickr user Sirenz Lorraine

A Federal Holiday Poem

Our annual ode to federal employees.

Observing what has been a holiday tradition at Government Executive since 1998, we present our annual ode to federal employees.

Twas the night before Christmas, and all 'cross the Web

Not a surfer was surfing, except for some feds.

The FAA cleared Santa for his annual flight,

As the Weather Service predicted a clear, starry night.

FEMA stood by in case of snow, ice or sleet,

As troops 'round the world maintained the peace.

When out on the Web there arose such a crowd

Of kids on their mice click, click, clicking around

'Til they landed their browsers on a special Web site

Where NORAD tracked Santa all through the night.

In English, in Spanish, in even Francais,

The radar tracked Nicholas around on his sleigh.

The radar bleep, bleeped as Santa drew close

Drawn by the heat off of Rudolph's red nose.

The satellites tingled, the warning bells jingled

When NORAD got sight of merry Kris Kringle.

Kids 'cross the land knew their friends had been wrong.

NORAD's site proved it: Santa lives on!

And as feds 'round the world kept the peace through the night,

Santa looked down, and called out with his might,

"Thank you, civil servants! You fight the good fight!

Happy days to you all, and to all a fine night!"

Happy Holidays from all of us at Government Executive!

Photo: Flickr user Sirenz Lorraine