Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally in Everett, Washington on Tuesday.

Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally in Everett, Washington on Tuesday. Evan Vucci/AP

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GOP nominee says country is “going to hell,” pledges to create effective, responsible honest government.

Donald Trump expounded on his views of the federal government Tuesday, saying he would make it streamlined and effective, but with a “big, fat beautiful heart.”

At a campaign rally in Everett, Washington, the GOP nominee said that in a Trump administration, “government will become lean and mean, except — except it will have a big, fat, beautiful heart. We will have an effective and responsible and honest government for a change. Our border will be protected. Our children will be safe.”

Trump prefaced his remarks on government by declaring, “frankly, I hate to say it, our country is going to hell, and we're not going to let it happen.”

Trump has said previously that his “lean and mean” campaign staff is an indication of the kind of government he would run, and contrasts with that of Hillary Clinton, his Democratic rival.

“Hillary’s campaign is crazy,” Trump told Time in June. “I look at her staffing, and I mean she’s got the United States government there.”

Trump has previously said that “good management” and “great people” are the keys to running government effectively. He has been less clear about the specifics of the federal government’s role. But he distinguished himself from his Republican rivals during the GOP primaries by embracing ideas that would expand government’s role, especially in the area of security.