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The Longest TSA Line You've Seen is at Chicago's Midway Airport

It took one YouTube user two and a half minutes to reach the end.

Long airport lines are always hellish. But one line at Chicago Midway yesterday (May 12) was so long that it took YouTube user Sean H. two and a half minutes to walk its entire length. His video of the journey has now gone viral , with more than 1 million views on YouTube and hundreds of comments on Reddit .

“We’re just getting started,” Sean can be heard saying early in the video. (Around the one-minute mark, a woman in line can be heard saying, “Good, now we’re in someone’s video.”)

The line took an hour to get through, passengers told ABC 7 Chicago , though Sean wrote in a Reddit comment that it took him about an hour and a half . He said several people in line missed their flights.

The Transportation Security Administration has cut more than 10% of its screeners since 2011 , leading to longer wait times. Airlines aren’t happy about it either. Last month, American Airlines told the Chicago Tribune that the TSA is its “ number one problem right now .”

( Image via Flickr user Mark Cameron )