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The Clinton Campaign Uses Twitter To Showcase Her Supporters Not Watching the GOP Debate

Hillary Clinton’s account picks up on the hashtag #NotWatching from Democrats who have given up with the Republican debates.

A hasht­ag usu­ally re­served for sport­ing events andsit­coms was picked up by the Hil­lary Clin­ton cam­paign dur­ing Tues­day night’s GOP de­bate. Demo­crat­ic can­vass­ers and sup­port­ers for Clin­ton were per­petu­at­ing the tag #not­watch­ing to show their time was bet­ter spent do­ing, well, any­thing else.

Retweeted by @HillaryClinton

With four Re­pub­lic­an de­bates down and a pos­sible eight more to go, there is already the sense that the can­did­ates have talked them­selves out—and the Clin­ton camp is pick­ing up on this. While tweets from the @Hil­laryC­lin­ton ac­count fol­lowed along with Tues­day night’s de­bate, stress­ing her op­pos­i­tion to each state­ment made on stage, her cam­paign’s over­all pres­ence on Twit­ter played to the idea that the op­pos­i­tion has be­come a farce not worth watch­ing.

For bet­ter or worse, #not­watch­ing has be­come Clin­ton cam­paign’s eye-roll at the Re­pub­lic­an primar­ies. But if she is se­lec­ted as the nom­in­ee, Clin­ton will have to face the oth­er half of the Amer­ic­an elect­or­ate know­ing that her re­ac­tion to one of their most im­port­ant elec­tion events was this:

(Top via Flickr user Marc Nozell)