In Memoriam: Bob Brewin, 1944-2014

A colleague remembers a stellar reporter.

We’ve employed many excellent reporters at Government Executive Media Group, but none more passionate or fearless than Bob Brewin. Bob, who spent more than two decades covering defense technology, lost his battle with cancer in December 2014.

Bob had a gift for slogging through jargon-laden documents to find hidden gems. He was not impressed with rank—a legacy of his days as a Marine infantryman in Vietnam—but if you earned his respect, you had no better friend.

Bob’s passion shone through in his “Broken Warrior” series of stories starting in 2010, chronicling the health consequences of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for troops and their families. The series earned a Jesse H. Neal Award, the country’s premier business journalism prize, in 2011.

Bob was by no means perfect. His creative misspellings were legendary in the newsroom. But he had grit, and he always got the story straight. We’ll miss him deeply. 

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