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11/5/96 - 11/7/96Cabinet Shakeup Coming
Reinvention: One by One
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Divided Government
President Clinton swept to victory over Bob Dole, but the Republicans maintained control of Congress.

Clinton II
President Clinton has delivered a smaller government. Now the question is whether he will follow through on his promise to reinvent it.

Reinvention: Back to the Future
How to keep the movement to reinvent the federal government on course for the next four years.

Unions Flex Their Muscle
Freed from Hatch Act restrictions, federal unions took a more active role than ever in this fall's campaigns. But they weren't able to put Democrats over the top.

Mighty Mica Fights Back
The American Federation of Government Employees did its best to oust its archenemy, Rep. John Mica, R-Fla. But Mica came out a winner, and he has revenge on his mind.

Musical Chairs
Even with the Republicans maintaining control of the House and Senate, chairmanships of the congressional committees with jurisdiction over federal employee issues will be changing hands.

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