Collaboration in the Hybrid Workforce

How Hybrid Workforces can Move Beyond the Screen

Hybrid work is here to stay: studies indicate the majority of the federal workforce will continue working remotely at least one, if not more, days per week. And the consensus is that arrangement has improved quality of life, and for many productivity.

However, productivity and collaboration are not the same.

According to a Bluescape sponsored study, 70% of the federal workforce says collaboration between those in the office and those working remotely is challenging. And 61% say screen sharing is not enough to create a collaborative environment.

When the federal workforce went fully remote, and as it now transitions to a hybrid model, much of the focus was on security and enablement rather than digital collaboration—a focus that was logical and necessary at the time. Everything happened so fast during the pandemic that agencies made do with what was available at that moment. The study shows, however, that it's no longer enough.

It is now time to assess whether the tools that supported fully remote teams are the right tools to support a hybrid workforce and true digital collaboration.

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