A Holistic View of FEMA’S Technology Modernization

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has an incredibly important mission of helping Americans before, during, and after disasters. This mission has only grown in significance given the increasing frequency of natural disasters. Reliance on legacy systems and outdated technology could jeopardize FEMA’s ability to help those in need. Therefore, access to the latest technology is vital to realizing FEMA’s mission success and ultimately the wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of people. With this in mind, FEMA has developed a strategic plan for its IT modernization that includes the incorporation of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. However, the advancement of technology is not without risk. FEMA must also concurrently maintain the highest standards of cyber resiliency to protect data and preserve public trust.

Download this Agency Brief to learn more about:

  • FEMA's technology modernization plan
  • How FEMA is embracing technology to further its mission while also emphasizing cyber resiliency
  • What technology innovations FEMA is seeking to leverage
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