Government Executive 2016 Presidential Poll: August 13, 2015

As reported exclusively by Government Executive.

Donald Trump leads the Republican primary field among federal employees, according to an independent Government Business Council / poll released on August 13. Trump receives 20% of the vote from feds who identify as Republicans or Republican-leaning Independents. He is followed in the GOP field by Carly Fiorina (11%), Marco Rubio (11%), Ben Carson (9%), and Ted Cruz (9%).

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton receives 44% of the primary vote from Democrats and Democratic-leaning Independents who took the survey. Despite only receiving favorable ratings from 41% of all respondents, Clinton also has a higher favorability score than any other candidate.


Government Business Council, the research arm of Government Executive Media Group, conducted the online email survey through a random sample of Government Executive, Nextgov, Defense One, and Route Fifty print and online subscribers. From August 7-12, 973 federal employees participated in the survey, including 491 at the GS/GM-13 and above grade levels and 25 members of the Senior Executive Service. Respondents include representatives from at least 30 federal and defense agencies. The margin of error is +/-3%. 

39% of the respondents identify as Independents (n=352), 28% as Democrats (n=254), and 23% as Republicans (n=209); the majority identifies strongly with their affiliated party, and a slight majority of Independents leans Republican. The most common job functions in the sample are program/project management (14%), technical/scientific (13%), and administrative/office services (9%). 53% of the respondents oversee at least one direct report. The average respondent has spent 24.5 years working for the federal government. 58% of the respondents were male, and 41% were female. 

The poll was independently deployed by Government Executive Media Group and is not affiliated with or sponsored by any political party or external organization.


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