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FEC Flags More Than 1,000 Possible Errors in Trump Campaign Filings

President-elect Donald Trump at a campaign rally in September in California. President-elect Donald Trump at a campaign rally in September in California. mikeledray/Shutterstock.com

The Federal Election Commission on Sunday sent Timothy Jost, treasurer of Donald J. Trump For President, Inc., a letter requesting clarification for about 1,100 campaign contributions totalling $1.3 million. The commission is concerned that donors were not properly registered with the FEC and may have exceeded legal limits on contributions.

While the letter is not particularly unusual in political campaigns—CNN noted that Bernie Sanders’ campaign received a similar FEC notice in May—it’s not likely to win any hearts and minds on Team Trump, who are keen to reduce the regulatory burden federal agencies impose on businesses.

In September, Trump released a fact sheet blasting the Food and Drug Administration “food police” for dictating the nutritional content of dog food. He told the Economic Club of New York the same week that “Overregulation costs our economy $2 trillion a year and reduces household wealth by almost $15,000.”

He’s promised to dismantle Dodd-Frank financial regulations and on Monday, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., a member of the Trump transition team, told CNN the Environmental Protection Agency could be downsized and folded into the Energy Department.

It’s time to “right size” government, she said.

While substantially altering agency missions would require Congressional action, there's no doubt the Trump administration will take aim at what it views as excessive regulation. On Monday, the transition team released a video message from Trump, in which he said for every new regulation created, two would have to be scrapped.   

Image via mikeledray/Shutterstock.com.

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