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Jose Canseco Does Not Like the Sequester

In 2009, Jose Canseco tried his hand at celebrity boxing. In 2009, Jose Canseco tried his hand at celebrity boxing. Jessica Hill/AP file photo

Ex-baseball star (and enthusiastic steroids user) Jose Canseco has public opinions about a lot of things, but until recently, federal fiscal policy hasn't been among them. But last night, Canseco (ar at least the verified Twitter account of Canseco) waded into the Washington scene.

First, he apparently accepted BuzzFeed's invitation to attend the White House Correspondents Association dinner in April. The event  is always a giant schmooze-fest in which news organizations have taken to one-upping each other in attracting celebrity guests. Canseco has some folks in particular he'd like to meet: the people responsible for the ticking time bomb known as sequestration.

In a tweet at BuzzFeed's Andrew Kaczynski, he said he "wouldn't miss" the dinner, and had a request of his hosts for the evening:  "point out some super committee members so I can kick their ass for this damn sequester."

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