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DoD Chief: No Lowering of Standards for Women

Gender-neutral equal treatment will be the rule, says Gen. Martin Dempsey.

Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wants to clear up what he characterized as "misperceptions" about the Pentagon's move to rescind rules prohibiting women from combat roles.

"Some fear that this decision will lower standards in our military," Dempsey said in a blog post. "That is simply not the case."

Dempsey said Defense officials would study each occupational field that had been closed to women " to determine where women are able to serve." In the process, equal treatment will be the rule, according to the Joint Chiefs chairman:

Let me be clear: The standards will be gender-neutral -- the same for men and women. This assessment will take time, and the Joint Chiefs and I are committed to making sure that this is done correctly.