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Bureaucratic Horoscope: Financial Windfalls, Mental Agony

In the United States, it's shaping up to be another grim year for public servants: Budget uncertainty just keeps dragging on, a two-year pay freeze is in effect (with the possibility that it will be extended even further), and the long-term fiscal outlook isn't exactly rosy.

But in India, the story's different -- if you trust the stars -- for at least some government workers. 

According to the astrologer for India's Bureaucracy Today (no, seriously, they have an astrologer), 2013 will start with a bang for some folks. Take, for example, those born under the Aries sign: For them, the astrologer says, "January 2013 will be a memorable month for bureaucrats from the professional angle. You are likely to get a bonanza during the start of the New Year. A raise in your official status is almost assured. You will surge ahead with confidence and optimism. Financial gains will be unbelievable."

If you're a Taurus, though, "there may not be any respite from mental agony." You may even "suffer from allergic conditions during the start of the month." But take heart: " Most of your problems and hurdles will get resolved and a silver lining will be clearly visible."

No such luck for Scorpios: "Fear psychosis may prevail and it may be a horrendous task to make right decisions concerning your career." But cheer up, Aquarians: "Your fortune will be at zenith and you will get much-needed respite from mental agony."

(Hat tip: GovManagement Daily)