Feds & Haiti

I wanted to post a roundup of federal employee- and agency-related news and developments on Haiti.

-The Office of Personnel Management has given agencies a waiver to allow them to collect cash contributions from their employees for Haiti relief outside of the Combined Federal Campaign. That collection will probably use the CFC as a model. For readers who asked me about how to donate to Paul Farmer's organization, Partners In Health, you can give to their Haiti earthquake operations at Stand With Haiti.

-DipNote has a good roundup of how many federal personnel from which departments and agencies are at work and on the ground doing relief work in Haiti. And the State Department has a tool up that will help folks identify relatives and friends in Haiti.

-And though of course it's awful to think of people taking advantage of a disaster like this, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is doing their job in keeping an eye out: they've got a fraud reporting hotline set up for Haiti-specific tips. You can call (866) 720-5721, fax (225) 334-4707 or e-mail disaster@leo.gov if you suspect wrongdoing.

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