Did the Secret Service Trash a Townhouse?

Nancy Finigan of Washington's exclusive Georgetown neighborhood has a bone to pick with the Secret Service. She tells D.C.'s Fox 5 News that after she rented a townhouse to a group of agents in the fall of 2005, they trashed the place, leaving filthy carpets, damaged drywall and stained basement floors when they moved out after their 18-month lease was up.

Finigan says the damage cost $19,000 to repair. The General Services Administration, which negotiated the lease for the property on behalf of the Secret Service, has now opened discussions with Finigan about a settlement relating to the damages.

So what was the Secret Service doing renting a tony Georgetown townhouse in the first place? Finigan says she was told it would be used as a safe house, but also points out that first daughter Jenna Bush lived just a few doors down.

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