Robert W. Pickett's letter to the IRS

Feb. 3, 2001

Internal Revenue Service

Dear Sir:

You are guilty of murder. Your predecessors made decisions which killed an innocent man. Your office allowed IRS officials to deliberately make false statements to a federal court. You have full knowledge that the intention of these improper actions was to discredit the statements made by a whistleblower, a former IRS auditor who suffered from a severe mental illness. Your office was aware that IRS officials were concealing evidence that a manager had violated the civil rights of taxpayers and employees.

Last week, the Federal District Court in Cincinnati rejected my lawsuit filed as a whistleblower against the IRS.

My death is on your hands. Although you were not in charge when this conspiracy began in 1985, your office has been informed of the situation many times. I have been a victim of a corrupt government. I tried to protect the citizens from what I thought was an abnormality, an incompetent manager. The supervisors who were responsible for that manager's actions did not want their negligence to be revealed, so they attacked me. Every lie was protected by a higher authority. These actions fit the legal description of manslaughter; however, due to the abhorrent nature of the transgressions, it must be considered murder. My right to due process of the law has been blocked by illegal obstructions; including an Assistant U.S. Attorney deliberately submitting false statements to a federal court.

This is not a democracy, it is a dictatorship. It is run by the corrupt civil service, which has placed itself above the law. Every office which was supposed to investigate these improper actions failed to do its duty.

I am not making unsubstantiated allegations. I have documented evidence for all of my accusations. The Internal Revenue Service, the Treasury Department, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Merit Systems Protection Board, the Office of Special Counsel, and the Department of Justice all committed improper actions to deliberately deprive me of my right to due process of the law.

My plea for help was ignored by the Senate Finance Committee and many others. No elected official has ever made a valid effort to assist me in fighting the corrupt civil service. I have been unable to obtain assistance from attorneys, doctors, even the ACLU. It has become acceptable for the government to violate the rights of taxpayers and destroy the life of the mentally ill employee who tried to expose it. I was naive to believe that somewhere in this country, there was someone who would do his duty. There is obviously no honor for those who claim to serve their country. It is a job with power and they are allowed to abuse this power with complete impunity. I was stupid to believe that the truth is a shield which can protect the innocent from those who mistreat the weak. The freedoms our soldiers fought for have disappeared. Our politicians and government officials do not care about the people, they only venerate their own power. I have learned there is no justice, only blinding power.

It is a shame this country pays tribute to the soldiers who have fought for our freedom when this liberty is being denied to the citizens by the very people entrusted with administering the rights the soldiers died to protect. It is pathetic that while the American people show respect to monuments celebrating the ideals which shaped our history, their government violates those principles. This lack of honesty is not limited to federal officials. I have also witnessed state judges ignore the law and make false statements. The values of our forefathers and their defenders deserve a living legacy of integrity. Although the crimes committed against me by these bureaucrats were not violent, they are more heinous than police brutality. These immoral decisions by civil servants were deliberate, cold-blooded actions to destroy the lives of innocent people, disregarding the ethics of society. Their failings reflect a dismal future for this country. They have betrayed their fellow citizens; their illegal actions are treason.

My life has been destroyed because I believed the truth would prevail. I wish I had the strength to continue to fight this evil with honor. The hypocrites who refused to perform their duty will eventually have to answer to their own conscience, if they have any. To protect themselves, these bureaucrats deliberately took improper actions which aggravated my mental illness. This torture caused me great mental anguish, including two suicide attempts and several hospitalizations. I have failed to receive adequate treatment from many mental health professionals and no support from mental health organizations.

I cannot describe the emotional pain I live with constantly. Narrow-minded people have refused to accept that I have a mental illness on the basis I do not display the pre-conceived symptoms and I have rational intelligence. With proper assistance and support, I could have overcome my handicap. However, the constant betrayals by those obligated to uphold the law and people who professed their regard have destroyed me. I have failed to accomplish a goal with the truth as my standard. I have no faith in myself or anyone else. I would rather not continue with life since I will only be subjected to further persecution.

With great contempt,

Robert W. Pickett

cc: President Bush
U.S. Attorney General
Senator Lugar
Rep. Hostettler
The Evansville Courier-Press