DoD employees get full transit subsidy

Both civilian and military employees outside the Washington metropolitan area are now eligible for up to $65 a month in transit subsidies, according to a Defense Department memorandum.

DoD's move aims to reduce traffic and improve air quality, not just in the nation's capital, but across the nation, according to the Oct. 13 memo.

"As the largest federal employer in many metropolitan areas around the nation, we believe that the Department of Defense should be a model employer and take appropriate action necessary to reduce the traffic congestion and air pollution that affect so many areas," Deputy Defense Secretary Rudy de Leon said.

In April, President Clinton issued an executive order requiring agencies to offer up to $65 per month for public transportation to employees in the Washington metropolitan area. Employees outside Washington can get transit subsidies of up to $65 from their pre-tax wages. Agencies had to start offering the new benefit on Oct. 1.

Effective immediately, all DoD employees, including active duty Reserve officers, are eligible for the transit money, with the agency paying for it out of the current budget allotment, according to the memo.