News Briefs

News Briefs

The following news summaries are from OPM AM, the daily newsletter of the Office of Personnel Management. OPM AM is available on OPM Mainstreet, the agency's electronic bulletin board, at 202-606-4800.

October 24, 1997

News Briefs


News Briefs

Conference Announcements

SENATORS DIVIDED OVER IMAGE FOR A NEW DOLLAR COIN-"Lady Liberty, or a real woman: Who should go on the front of a new dollar coin? That's the question confronting lawmakers as legislation providing a replacement for the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin gains momentum in Congress" (The Washington Post).

PARK ACCESS ADVISER-"A group that has fought the use of motorboats and trucks in wilderness areas will advise the National Park Service and other federal land management agencies on the needs of handicapped people" (The Washington Post).

FEELING SPECIAL AT THE PENTAGON-"The Pentagon reported last week that its annual visitor record was broken Thursday morning when the 130,861st visitor showed up" (The Washington Post).


Access America Conferences

The National Performance Review (NPR), will launch a series of informational conferences aimed at providing government employees and private industry IT officials with techniques and strategies for implementing the goals of Access America, an NPR report outlining steps to increase access--via the Internet--to government services. The first conference will be held November 3 (changed from September 25) in Baltimore, Md. and then will travel to other cities across the country. Expert panels will discuss IT topics, including Internet/Intranet successes, the future of Distance Learning and collaboration, IT acquisition and procurement reform, and privacy and security.

Improving the Government's Estimates of the Costs and Benefits of Regulation

On Sept. 30 the Office of Management and Budget issued its first report to Congress that tallies the costs and benefits of federal regulation. This conference, sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research and the Brookings Institute, will bring together scholars and administration representatives to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the report. Topics to be addressed include methodology, the implications of the estimates themselves and suggested modifications. The conference will be held October 31 from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the American Enterprise Institute, 1150 17th St, NW. For more information call 202-862-5847.

DTIC Annual Conference

The Defense Technical Information Center is presenting its Annual Users Meeting and Training Conference on Nov. 3-6, 1997 at the DoubleTree Hotel, National Airport, Arlington, Va. The conference theme is Information in the New Millenium. Contact Ms. Julia Foscue at 703-767-8236 or by e-mail at

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