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Frequent fliers overwhelmingly dislike TSA, survey finds

Findings differ from July Gallup poll.

Most frequent travelers do not approve of the Transportation Security Administration, according to an online survey conducted by Frequent Business Traveler.

The poll, which targeted only self-identified frequent fliers, found 91 percent thought TSA is doing a fair or poor job with airport security screenings. Seventy-six percent thought the agency is ineffective at preventing acts of terrorism on an aircraft.

These results are in stark contrast to a July Gallup poll, which found a majority of Americans thought TSA was doing a good or excellent job.

Frequent Business Traveler attributed the difference to the regularity with which respondents traveled. The average respondent to its poll took 16 trips annually compared to two trips for passengers in the Gallup survey.

The information still is contradictory, however, as Gallup found travelers who had flown in the past year approved the security agency at a higher rate than those who had not.

"The survey clearly indicates that substantial improvements are needed at America's airport security checkpoints," Jonathan Spira, Frequent Business Traveler’s editorial director, said in a statement. "Frequent fliers are under the impression that the current screening process is largely security theater."

The frequent flier poll drew 1,852 respondents from Aug. 10 to Aug. 31.