Lawmakers introduce first responder, homeland security bills

Lawmakers introduced new measures on homeland security this week.

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., introduced a bill, S. 2240, that would create a grant program for port security, authorizing $800 million per year over five years and allowing multiyear grants to help finance larger projects.

"We are under funding port security," Boxer said in a floor statement, pointing to the proposed $46 million for fiscal 2005 when the Coast Guard said seaports need $1.4 billion.

Boxer also introduced a bill, S. 2239, that would establish a hotline for grant information to aid "first responders" to emergencies and people involved in terrorism preparedness.

Another measure, H.R. 4038, would authorize money to train federal, state and local law enforcement in the analysis and dissemination of intelligence information.

And a fourth bill, H.R. 4022, would allow private security services to see if prospective employees are listed in the National Crime Information Center. The companies could only hire people not listed.