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Pentagon puts out call for anti-terrorism technology

The Defense Department is asking industry for help in finding and developing new technologies for combating terrorism. On Oct. 23, the Pentagon issued an announcement asking "interested parties" for ideas to help in the war on terrorism. Defense wants concepts and technologies that can be developed in the next 12 to 18 months to address such issues as monitoring military targets and civilians, determining whether suspected terrorists have worked with weapons of mass destruction and conducting protracted operations in remote areas. Defense has created a three-step process for reviewing proposals from interested parties. By Dec. 23, one-page proposals outlining concepts are due at Defense. Pentagon officials will then ask for more detailed, 12-page descriptions for proposals that are deemed to have potential. Based on the second proposal, Defense may ask for final proposals that could lead to developmental contracts. The process outlined in the announcement is substantially more streamlined than the standard Defense procurement process, under which it can take years to make major purchases. Additional information about the Pentagon's effort can be found online at www.bids.tswg.gov.