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Director, Research & Content Services Zoe Grotophorst is the Director of Research & Content Services at Government Executive Media Group. She holds a Master of Public Policy degree from the George Mason University School of Public Policy and received her undergraduate degree in public policy from the College of William and Mary.
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Minding the Leadership Gap: Attracting Millennials to the Federal Government

March 19, 2012 The federal government will need to hire more than 200,000 highly skilled workers for a range of critical jobs as the Baby Boomers approach retirement. Members of the Millennial generation, a group born after 1980 and nearly equal to the Baby Boomers in size, will be the recruitment target.

Federal Cybersecurity: Building Trust, Visibility and Resilience

February 1, 2012 Two billion people now use the Internet worldwide. In the United States alone, there are roughly 240 million Internet users. Critical infrastructure such as electrical utilities, telephone lines, water supply systems, banks and emergency services rely increasingly on the Internet. As our world becomes cyber and network dependent, so does...

Ripple Effect: Impact of Defense Cuts on American Jobs

January 23, 2012 The failure of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction to find $1.2 trillion in savings in November 2011 could trigger automatic spending cuts in both defense and domestic programs. Defense spending cuts will have an effect on the American economy, particularly in states with high federal, military, defense contractor...

Federal managers see implementation challenges in Obama’s reorganization plan

January 18, 2012 See more of the survey results here. Federal executives are wary of the leadership challenges that could accompany the consolidation plan President Obama recently unveiled, according to a new survey. To better understand the effects of consolidation on the federal workforce, the Government Business Council, the research division of Government...

Open For Business: Leveraging Open Government to Improve Agency Operations

January 1, 2012 With mandates for open and transparent processes, federal agencies are managing an increasing number of public information requests. Agencies are developing and refining their own engagement strategies and are employing new technologies in the process. Open government initiatives are also a chance to reform inefficient processes. Flickr user: Aaron Pruzaniec

Infographic: Is Cloud the Way to Go?

December 1, 2011 Federal agencies are transitioning to cloud computing -- outsourcing IT services such as data storage and email to a shared platform accessed remotely through the Internet. The Office of the Federal CIO encourages the switch, but is it a move in the right direction? In this new infographic, the Government...

Infographic: Governing Security in a Networked World

June 1, 2011 The federal government faces an average of 15,000 cyber attacks on its networks per day. Recent incidents—from hackers stealing login details of senior officials to WikiLeaks—have forced the federal government to address the increasingly grave possibilities of insecure networks. As nations, corporations and citizens work to protect their domains, rules...