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Vice President and Editor in Chief Tom Shoop is vice president and editor in chief at Government Executive Media Group, where he oversees both print and online editorial operations. He started as associate editor of Government Executive magazine in 1989; launched the company’s flagship website,, in 1996; and was named editor in chief in 2007.
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Puttering Around

July 11, 2005 In a stunning scientific breakthrough recorded in the Journal of Polymer Science B (Physics), scientists at Sandia National Laboratory, in work supported by the Energy Department's Office of Basic Energy Sciences, have used the Interfacial Force Microscope to achieve some of the first consistent measurements of the qualities of...Silly Putty.

Clockwork Orange

July 8, 2005 Tim Naftali of the University of Virginia's Miller Center of Public Affairs makes the case in Slate that Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff should've left the terror alert level alone yesterday and just told Americans to tough it out. I'll admit to some eye-rolling after hearing that DHS was once...

Alien Contractors

July 8, 2005 Ever wonder how illegal immigrants blend into U.S. society and the American economy? Some of them find work as defense contractors.

Sing, Soldier!

July 8, 2005 I guess if we don't do stuff like this, then the terrorists win: the Defense Department has announced that a "Military Idol" competition, based on the hit Fox TV show, will begin Aug. 1.

Government 1, Media 0

July 8, 2005 Newsday Columnist James Pinkerton (anybody remember him from "New Paradigm" fame before reinventing government became all the rage?) opined yesterday that conservatives who are cheering the further decline of the "liberal media establishment" occasioned by the jailing of NY Times reporter Judith Miller ought to think twice. They may soon...

Here We Go Again

July 7, 2005 The National Counterterrorism Center may be struggling to define exactly what constitutes an act of terrorism, but by any definition, today's events in London sure look like they fit the bill. The State Department has set up an emergency phone line for people to report any information about Americans hurt...

Contract Warriors

July 6, 2005 The Washington Times today explores just how far contractors and the Defense Department are pushing the whole civilians on the battlefield thing in Iraq. The fact that nobody seems to know just how many contractors are in the country is pretty scary. We are in seriously uncharted waters here, and...

Talk To Me

July 6, 2005 Just a reminder that I'll be chatting live at noon ET today about whatever's on your mind. Go here to ask your questions. Don't worry, I can take it.

Don't Pass The Bucks

July 6, 2005 The American Federation of Government Employees has its own take on the VA budget crisis, and--what a shocker!--it's very different from that of the Textile Rental Services Association (see "Dirty Laundry," Tuesday). All the VA needs to do is stop putting "millions of those precious, hard-to-come-by dollars into the hands...

More Than Mexicans

July 5, 2005 AP reported this weekend on the growing problem with people from countries other than Mexico streaming across the southern border of the United States. I can't resist noting that GovExec's Chris Strohm was all over this story weeks ago, in a piece paving the way for his cover story in...