Rina Li

Senior Research Analyst, Government Business Council Rina Li is Senior Research Analyst at Government Business Council, where she writes and produces content on federal, defense, and tech topics. She holds a degree in International Politics and Security Studies from Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service.
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Government Executive 2018 Presidential Poll: January 8, 2018

January 16, 2018 As reported exclusively by Government Executive. After one year in office, President Trump remains unpopular with the majority of the federal workforce, according to an independent Government Business Council / poll released on January 8, 2018. 38% of respondents approve of the way Donald Trump is handling his job...

Beyond the Information Age: Conversations with Federal Technology Leaders on Data Governance

December 15, 2017 We’ve reached an era of unprecedented data growth, and its arrival heralds both daunting challenges and stunning possibilities: a realm of raw, untapped potential that the federal government has only begun to explore. To find out how agencies are governing the enormous volumes of data at their disposal, Government Business...

Building a Brave New World: Conversations with Federal Leaders on Cybersecurity

November 10, 2017 The past several years have seen the federal government redoubling its efforts to protect enterprise data. To explore how organizations are navigating an increasingly complex threat environment, Government Business Council interviewed federal technology leaders on ongoing cybersecurity priorities, pitfalls, and considerations. Download this GBC Expert Dialogues to learn about: Ongoing...

Building Your Best Future: Federal Long Term Care Considerations

November 7, 2017 As more and more federal employees reach retirement eligibility, the realities of age and health are becoming increasingly pressing concerns. The potential need for long term care is an essential part of that conversation — so let’s talk about it. In this card stack, Government Business Council, the research arm...

Who, What, Where? State & Local Identity Management

October 12, 2017 Click here to download the infographic (PDF)

Building a Digital Foundation

October 3, 2017 Click here to download the infographic (PDF)

Preparing for Life After Federal Service

September 28, 2017 Click here to download the infographic (PDF)

How Is Government Faring in the Data Age?

September 26, 2017 Click here to download the infographic (PDF)

Making the Leap: Exploring the Push for Cloud Adoption

September 25, 2017 For a growing number of government and private sector organizations, cloud is the future — a game-changer for mitigating risk, enhancing effectiveness, and initiating new capabilities. To learn more about ongoing progress and challenges associated with cloud adoption, Government Business Council undertook an in-depth research study in May 2017. Read...

Top 5 Findings: Survey Finds Federal Data Management to Be Lacking

August 25, 2017 In spite of the the federal government's attempts to improve data management practices, agencies are still falling behind. A recent GBC survey reveals the gaps and challenges that lie ahead, offering recommendations on what organizations can do to get ahead of the data curve. Download this GBC Issue Brief to...