What a New Crop of Veteran-Lawmakers Means for Democrats

They could be the start of a redefined party that’s more closely associated with national security.


The Latest Target of Trump's Immigration Attacks

In an address Thursday, the president criticized U.S. asylum policy and threatened to detain those who credibly claim the protections.


Analysis: There Is No Easy Way for Trump to Stop the Latest Caravan

The president tried prosecuting migrants and separating families but so far hasn’t been able to deter the latest migrant caravan from heading north.


Jeff Sessions Is Quietly Transforming the Nation’s Immigration Courts

The attorney general has stepped up the hiring of immigration judges, ordered them to hear more cases, and shown a preference for those who’ve previously been prosecutors.


How Will Detained Children Find Their Parents?

President Trump is ordering an end to the separation of families at the border, but the fate of thousands of children already in government custody is uncertain.


Could Trump Actually Use Military Funding for His Border Wall?

The president would have to overcome obstacles in Congress, and perhaps even legal challenges, to use Department of Defense resources on construction.


What's Next for Trump's Border Wall?

This week, the president inspected eight prototypes, but his administration still has a long way to go before bringing his campaign pledge to fruition.


Deterring Illegal Immigration by Separating Parents and Children

A proposal to stem the flow of migrants trekking to the southern border is revealing the limitations of deterrence policy.


The Border-Wall Prototypes Are Up — Now What?

As the administration assesses the projects, both the purpose and effectiveness of a barrier are in question.


Completion of Border Wall Among Trump's Demands in Exchange for Extending DACA

The Trump administration provided a list of immigration reforms it wants fulfilled for a deal to protect young undocumented immigrants.


Could Trump’s Immigration Agenda Ever Get Through Congress?

Even groups supportive of the president’s plans have their doubts.


Trump No Longer Wants to Seal Off the Entire U.S.-Mexico Border

The president said Thursday that he wouldn’t pursue same border wall that he had pledged on the campaign trail.


Donald Trump Jr.'s Email Exchange With Rob Goldstone

The president’s son coordinated with the music publicist last June to arrange a meeting with a “Russian attorney,” who had potentially damaging information about Hillary Clinton.


Trump Transition Aides Told to Save Russia Records

The team’s lawyer reportedly instructed them to preserve documents relevant to the federal inquiries into election interference.


Rod Rosenstein: I Have Not Seen 'Good Cause' to Fire Robert Mueller

The deputy attorney general told lawmakers the special counsel handling the Russia investigation has “full independence.”


FBI Director Has No Regrets About His Fateful 2016 Decision

Testifying before the Senate, James Comey said he did not regret his late October announcement that the investigation into Hillary Clinton had been reopened.


The Trump Administration Sketches a Border-Fence Plan

Mick Mulvaney, the president’s budget director, told reporters Tuesday that 20-foot-tall steel fencing will replace existing cyclone fencing along the southern border.


People Are Calling In to a New 'Criminal Alien' Hotline With Reports of Extraterrestrials

On Wednesday, the administration launched a new office to “assist victims of crimes committed by criminal aliens.” Some rang in with reports of UFOs.


Trump's Border Barrier Hits a Wall

The administration would need to acquire private property to build his barricade, which will put the president at odds with many in his own party.


How Trump Is Changing Immigration Enforcement

The president’s directive on immigration might resemble the record deportations of Obama’s first term—but without the corresponding push for legalization.