Philip Hackney

Associate Professor of Law, Louisiana State Un
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Analysis: The IRS Targeting Scandal Was Fake, But IRS Budget Woes Are a Real Problem

October 26, 2017 Conservatives have been seething since 2013 over what they say was an unfair and imbalanced effort by the IRS to scrutinize right-leaning organizations more closely than other groups seeking nonprofit status. As a new report from the Treasury Department’s inspector general for tax administration shows, the IRS did flag some...

What Trump Foundation’s ‘Self-dealing’ Disclosure Means For a Conflicted President-elect

December 24, 2016 Earlier this month, we learned that the Donald J. Trump Foundation admitted to acts of self-dealing in its most recent IRS filing. But what is self-dealing and, more significantly, what does it mean for the president-elect as he deals with his many conflict of interest issues when he runs the...