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Phil Galewitz


States Have Yet to Spend Hundreds of Millions of Federal Dollars to Tackle COVID Health Disparities

A year ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention awarded states and local health departments $2.25 billion to help people of color and other populations at higher risk from COVID. But a KHN review shows public health agencies across the country have been slow to spend it.


What Patients Can Learn With Confidence From One Negative Rapid Test (Hint: Very Little)

Although at-home antigen testing remains a useful tool, experts warn it is often used inappropriately and can provide false confidence for people concerned about safety.


Experts Worry They Can’t Count On the CDC’s COVID Vaccination Rates

The CDC’s vaccine tracker website reported numbers that conflicted with state records for weeks. What happened?


Vaccine-or-Test Requirements Increase Work and Costs for Governments

But state and local officials embrace the requirement because it creates a safer workplace while allowing employees to continue working.


As Biden Gets Sworn In, White House Will Get Scrubbed Down

The executive mansion will get a deep clean after two COVID-19 outbreaks this fall led to President Donald Trump and members of his staff and family becoming infected.