House panel wants extra F-35 engine back

Armed Services Committee is looking to resurrect second engine option in defense bill.


In face of budget cuts, Gates still wants $35B Air Force tankers

Pentagon has begun a review of all spending, officials say.


Pentagon more likely to tweak than cut weapons programs

Official says 'We’re not out there to kill programs.'


Pentagon investigation casts doubt on Rolling Stone's McChrystal article

Embarrassing comments by then-top commander in Afghanistan could not be verified by Defense officials.


Events frequently overtake long-term Pentagon planning

President Obama seeks cuts in future defense budgets, but any plan will likely see multiple revisions in the years ahead.


Most cuts to Pentagon already were in the works

Budget deal largely eliminates programs the Defense Department had previously put on the chopping block.


Shutdown would halt National Guard training

Active-duty personnel must report for duty.


Pentagon moves to stop work on second engine

Makers of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, GE and Rolls Royce, vow to keep the program alive until supporters in Congress can weigh in again.


Five days into Operation Odyssey Dawn, costs mounting

The Libya operation could cost billions -- and require the Pentagon to request emergency funding from Congress.


Costs of Libya operation already piling up

Total price tag of first day alone was more than $100 million, analysts say.


Pentagon chief defends tanker decision

Gates says any protest of the lucrative contract award is unlikely to be successful.


EADS weighing tanker protest

Company is weighing information after losing bid contest.


Marine Corps chief closely watching F-35

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has imposed a two-year probation on the Corps's struggling variant of the multiservice stealth fighter.


Administration considers expanding Afghan security forces

Senator suggests NATO allies should share in the cost.


Defense-related spending bill amendments progress

Obama has threatened to veto the House measure to fund the government for the rest of fiscal 2011, noting GOP proposal would cut Pentagon funding too sharply.


House votes to cut alternate F-35 engine backed by speaker

Vote marks a strong reversal for the chamber, which has long supported the engine despite opposition from the White House and Defense Department.


Lawmakers push back on planned troop cuts

House Armed Service Committee members raise concerns that unrest in the Middle East and elsewhere would require the military to sustain a larger ground force.


F-35 second engine under fire in spending debate

Cut-minded GOP freshmen are being tapped to help kill the program.


Unprecedented Pentagon growth comes to halt

Defense request for fiscal 2012 comes in at $13 billion less than earlier spending projections.


All eyes on freshmen for fighter engine vote

Deficit-conscious Republicans could prove pivotal in decision over whether to keep alive or kill the controversial F-35 alternate engine.