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Matthew Cooper


Shutdown Pain is Isolated, But Not For Long

For now, it's mostly just furloughed workers who are feeling the pain. But just wait.


Analysis: Why Obama's March on Washington Failed

This week’s “I Have a Dream” commemoration was poignant, inspiring—and full of missed opportunities.


What Happened to Eric Holder?

He was a Reagan-appointed judge and a Clinton-appointed prosecutor respected by both sides. Then it all fell apart.


Analysis: Margaret Thatcher Was Tougher Than Reagan

Late U.K. prime minister told George H.W. Bush not to 'go wobbly' on Iraq.


Why Washington Is a City of Snow Wusses

Neither Southern nor Northern, we freak out every time the flakes fall.


The 6 Species of Secretaries That Will Define Obama's Term

The president has picked most of his cabinet. Here's how they all fit into his second term.


Analysis: The Good Side of Sequestration

The cuts are painful but will at least teach a lesson in what government does and why we shouldn't demonize it.


The 9 Biggest Cliches in State of the Union Addresses

As Obama heads to the teleprompter, White House speechwriters spot the tired phrases he should avoid.


Ex-Benedict: Why Popes Matter to Presidents

From JFK to Reagan, they have affected U.S. administrations. Will Benedict XVI's successor complicate life for Obama?


Analysis: Spending Cuts Stink, but They're Overhyped

Agencies have an incentive to make sequestration seem more dire than it is.


Analysis: How Chuck Schumer saved Chuck Hagel

Key Senator gives Defense secretary nominee the nod.


Zero Dark Thirty is about more than torture

It's about the brilliant, crazy-making figures like Jessica Chastain's character who drive Washington.


The 6 Habits of Highly Effective Chiefs of Staff

Rahm Emanuel, Dick Cheney and what it takes to do Washington's second-most-powerful job.


What history says about Chuck Hagel's Senate chances

In 1989, George H.W. Bush's Defense secretary nominee went down.


Analysis: What Mark Kirk Can Teach a Hypocrite Congress

As Sen. Kirk returns to Congress, we're reminded that there’s nothing wrong with letting personal experience shape one’s political views.