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Lianna Brinded


The Biggest Problem The World's Workforce Faces Is a Classic Management Issue

"Any change you make needs to be going with your people, not against them," says Moya Greene, CEO of Royal Mail, who spoke at the CogX Festival of All Things AI.


If It Takes More Than a Month To Hire Someone, You've Already Lost Your Top Pick

Only 12% of job candidates found it acceptable to wait for over a month to hear about whether they got the job.


The Department Of Homeland Security Just Hired a U.K. Firm Of 20 People To Help With Border Security

The U.K. firm iProov has been granted a contract with the DHS for its biometric facial verification technology.


Changing The Language In Job Ads Could Help Bring More Women Into Tech

One of the biggest job websites in the UK will help companies that sign up to a charter to attract more women into the industry.