Krishnadev Calamur

Krishnadev Calamur is a senior editor at The Atlantic, where he oversees news coverage. He is a former editor and reporter at NPR and the author of Murder in Mumbai.
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Top Admiral Opens the Door to Women Joining the Navy SEALs

August 19, 2015 The Navy’s top admiral tells Defense News and the Navy Times “there is no reason” why women cannot join the elite Navy SEALs if they can pass the notoriously difficult training program. “Why shouldn’t anybody who can meet these [standards] be accepted? And the answer is, there is no reason,”...

New EPA Rules Would Cut Methane Emissions From Oil and Natural-Gas Industries

August 18, 2015 The Environment Protection Agency is proposing a new rule that would reduce methane emissions from oil and natural-gas drilling by 40 to 45 percent of 2012 levels by 2025. The rules would also amend existing regulations and be applicable throughout the oil and natural gas industry, including in production, processing,...

The Tangled Web Pennsylvania's Attorney General Allegedly Wove

August 7, 2015 Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane was charged Thursday with leaking grand-jury documents in order to embarrass a political rival—and then lying about it to another grand jury in an attempted coverup. “Kane devised a scheme to secretly leak confidential information and secret grand jury items directly to media,” Risa Ferman,...