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John Aloysius Farrell


Analysis: Rudman's passing reminds senators of what they can be

Senator served in an era when independence, intelligence, and integrity were the qualities of a great senator.


Study forecasts more polarization in new Congress

Incoming House will have the lowest number of competitive seats in more than 40 years.


Analysis: The legend of Simpson-Bowles

An updated deficit-reduction plan may be unveiled after the election.


Justice Scalia: Guns may be regulated

Legal precedents from the days of the Founding Fathers have banned frightening weapons, he says.


Ron Paul: No federal financial aid for tornado victims

GOP candidate sees a role for the National Guard after disasters, but says FEMA's involvement causes 'frustration and anger.'


Our polarized Congress: Divided we stand

National Journal's annual vote rankings show the depth and bitterness of the country's political divisions.