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Losing Altitude

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Caught in the Undertow


Defense budget cuts compel military transformation

Amidst a protracted guerrilla campaign in Iraq and ballooning budget deficits, it seems that, like it or not, the services are about to see the light of transformation.


Army chief struggles to transform service during war

Army Chief of Staff Peter Schoomaker left a comfortable retirement to take the helm of the service.


Army learns to live in state of high anxiety

The effort to transform the Army at a time when it is leading operations in Iraq and Afghanistan has resulted in one of the most unsettling periods in the service's long history.


Army troops, budget stretched to the limit

The U.S. Army is overcommitted, underfunded and being pressured to rapidly change its old ways of warfighting. Will the best Army in the world finally break?


New Life for New Programs


Missile Defense Readies for Launch


Cycle of violence

In the search for peace in the Middle East, violence often follows the olive branch like night trailing day.


Attack always

Army Lt. Gen. William Wallace pursued a strategy of relentless assault during the war in Iraq.


Modern ‘Red Ball Express’


In Iraq, managing the peace may be more difficult than winning the war

The relatively small number of American ground forces in Iraq is likely to be felt more acutely in the transition and stability phases of Operation Iraqi Freedom than during the war itself.


March on Baghdad brings mix of power, flexibility

To get to the gates of Baghdad, the Army's V Corps leaders had to seize the strategic Karbala Gap while adjusting to unexpected opposition.


Army's race to Baghdad exposes risks in battle plan

The audacious, risky thrust into Iraq—a move that throws out traditional Army doctrine—is already sorely testing V Corps' troops, equipment and logistical support.


Five fights

The commander of the Army's V Corps says the impending war in Iraq will involve fighting five kinds of battles at once.