Igor Geyn

Research Analyst, Government Business Council Igor Geyn is a research analyst at Government Business Council, where he writes about defense, workforce, and technology issues in the public sector. His research is driven by an evidence-based approach to understanding the government's systems, quirks, and nuances. Previously, he was a health services researcher at the University of California, San Francisco. Igor holds a bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of California, San Diego.
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Connected Transportation

April 22, 2019 Respondents to GBC's survey of state and local government decision makers agree: Investment is needed to raise public safety, increase enterprise transportation data visibility, and make meaningful development inroads to match the challenges of the 21st century. Download this GBC Issue Brief to learn more about: Internet of Things (IoT)...

Reading the Digital Temperature

April 22, 2019 To learn more about the effectiveness of state and local government agencies' efforts in incorporating employee feedback, satisfaction with digital tools, and overall digital priorities for 2019, GBC surveyed hundreds of decision makers in these organizations. Click this link or the image below to open the full report.

Is the Federal Government Ready for AI? Survey Supplement

April 2, 2019 During February and March 2019, Government Business Council (GBC) surveyed more than 600 federal government decision makers in civilian and military roles. Using data provided by respondents spanning technical and other job functions, GBC prepared an evaluation of the federal government's artificial intelligence (AI) posture. The full report (link above)...

From Shutdown to Spillover

March 25, 2019 To learn more about how the recent partial federal government shutdown affected the workforce's confidence in the missions of their agencies and other aspects of government employment, Government Business Council (GBC) polled nearly 300 federal workers. Click this link or the image below to open the full report.

The Planetary Frontier: Assessing Conditions for a Space Force

March 7, 2019 U.S. provision of military space capabilities is at a critical juncture. Coupled with a focus not seen since the the first instance of U.S. Space Command (USSPACECOM), current efforts to bolster American space readiness are formidable. Still, further progress will require the identification and creative removal of technological and other...

Digital Disaster Resilience in State and Local Government

January 18, 2019 Be it a hurricane, wildfire, disease outbreak, or other natural or manmade disaster, emergency situations are immensely disruptive. And while state and local government spends considerable budgetary and human capital on first response solutions, ancillary government functions can be lost in the shuffle. Download this GBC Issue Brief to learn...

Flash Poll: Government's AI Odyssey

December 28, 2018 AI and machine learning are becoming increasingly dynamic, versatile technologies — agencies in defense functions and civilian organizations continue to find creative uses for AI/ML. Still, the priorities of the end user can be lost in the midst of large, sweeping initiatives at the federal government level. Download this GBC...

Connecting Transportation and Technology

October 16, 2018 To dive deeper into how IT is equipping state and local transportation leaders with previously inaccessible information and decision pathways, Government Business Council (GBC) surveyed more than 300 agency decision makers in September 2018. Download this Survey Report to learn about: Transportation leaders' and agency officials' perceptions of transportation sustainability...

Applications Reimagined: A Candid Poll on Application Automation and Lifecycle Management

October 12, 2018 Application development delivery timelines of 1-2 years and even longer are not uncommon in the federal government — the majority (56%) of survey respondents indicated this as their typical turnaround. At least part of this stems from a mismatch between the underlying infrastructure (private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud) and...

Bridging the Citizen Divide

September 28, 2018 To find out more about the mobile technology adoption progress of state and local government agencies, Government Business Council (GBC) polled a random sample of 139 decision makers in September 2018 (see below for preview). Click here to download the full, 3-page flash poll report.