Report: National security agencies have failed in Iraq, Afghanistan

Nation building has been left to the U.S. military, which is ill-suited to the task, special House panel says.


Army says it needs up to $260 billion per year

That’s about half the total requested by the Pentagon for 2009.


Former commander in Iraq provides post-surge assessment

U.S. focus needs to shift from guns to butter, says military official.


Taking It To the Streets

The U.S. military has seen the future, and it involves urban warfare.


Agencies join forces to expedite supplies to troops

Partnership between Defense and General Services Administration aims to save money, time.


Analyst warns of third Islamic terrorist wave, enabled by Internet

Scattered groups connect virtually through a common bond of discontent, former CIA officer says.


Marine commander warns of stress on forces, families

Gen. James T. Conway said many Marines spend just seven months at home for every seven months in combat.


Air Force chief lays out new strategy

Says service must dominate air and space -- both real and cyber -- to keep nation safe.


Defense budget reflects cost of maintaining volunteer force in wartime

Nearly 30 percent of $515 billion request is designated for military pay and health care.


Administration seeks $515.4 billion in defense spending

Request includes $20.5 billion to recruit, train and equip new Army and Marine Corps forces.

News And Analysis

Quality Over Quantity

The Navy says plans for a lean fleet will not compromise its maritime edge.


Air Force’s stealth bomber plans called unrealistic

Service’s commitment is questionable and development costs appear prohibitive, independent assessment concludes.


Let soldiers blog, post YouTube videos, general says

Military should get its message out before jihadists do, says Army Lt. Gen. William Caldwell.


Observers take critical look at Defense organization

Conference participants same time may be ripe to rethink 1986 Goldwater-Nichols reorganization act.


Former top general in Afghanistan urges shift in U.S. effort

American forces should be sent to the southern part of country, where security situation has deteriorated, argues retired Army Gen. David Barno.


Humvee replacement program to begin next month

Effort to acquire lighter, better bomb-resistant truck could be largest-ever vehicle contract.


Chief of staff says Army must be re-balanced

Gen. George Casey is concerned that stress of recent deployments will cause service to lose experienced mid-level officers and senior noncommissioned officers.


Marines shopping for new armored vehicle

Midweight carrier will be based on existing design and offer greater protection and mobility.


Defense Department, services gird for review battle

The Pentagon and military services are gearing up for a bruising quadrennial review that could reshape the way we fight.


In reversal, Pentagon may send Marines to Afghanistan

Troops would be deployed to head off anticipated Taliban offensive.