Pay & Benefits

Lawmakers honor outstanding feds on Capitol Hill

Many of the 2010 Service to America finalists work in the health, science or security field.


Prize Performers

Presidential Rank Award winners play critical roles in missions ranging from project management to scientific research and defense.


From Justices question public employees’ expectations of privacy

The Supreme Court hears arguments concerning government workers’ Fourth Amendment rights .


Lawmakers announce initiative to increase diversity on Capitol Hill

After years of focusing on diversity in federal agencies, Congress looks in the mirror.

Pay & Benefits

Lawmaker questions consistency in crackdown on unpaid interns

Top Republican on government oversight panel asks White House to report on whether its internship program violates labor laws.

Pay & Benefits

Unions seek bargaining over electronic pay stubs

Groups praise initiative as environmentally sound, but want to make sure no employees are left behind.


Photo Gallery: High Fliers

As the military reviews its ban on women in ground combat, a ceremony honors pioneering female pilots.


Pentagon revises gay ban enforcement policies

New regulations aim to introduce ‘a greater measure of common sense and common decency,’ says Defense secretary.


Lawmakers, employee groups clash over tax bill

Opponents say legislation banning tax delinquents from government service could unfairly target federal employees.

Pay & Benefits

Senator showcases exemplary feds

Delaware Democrat aims to improve the public’s perception of government workers through floor speeches and exhibition.


Timeline: Government Under Attack

A look at assaults on federal facilities and employees during the past two decades.


Head of the Fish and Wildlife Service dies on ski trip

Colleagues and environmentalists praise Sam D. Hamilton for his vision.


Group claims repealing gay ban could hinder military readiness

Policy center believes overturning “don’t ask, don’t tell” could result in misconduct and tension among service members.


DHS comes under fire for failure to track conference and travel costs

Department’s IG office urges better oversight to avoid wasteful spending.


HHS budget supports flu-fighting efforts

Department also dedicates fiscal 2011 funding to bioterror countermeasures.