Vacant White House cyber post draws concern amid global software breach

In the aftermath of a global cyberattack exposing personal data on millions of Americans, calls are growing for the White House to fill the top slot at the Office of the National Cyber Director.


No 'Systemic Risk' to Government Networks From Latest Breach, CISA Says

The nation’s cyber defense agency confirmed it was providing assistance to several federal agencies that have been impacted in an apparent global cyberattack.


New Report Identifies Over $100B in Potential Government Services Savings

The government’s overlapping, fragmented and duplicative services are costing billions of dollars annually, a Government Accountability Office report claims. 


Interior Faces 'Disturbing' Cyber Risks Due to Cracked Passwords and Vulnerable Assets

Recent reports reveal the Interior Department of is not enforcing multifactor authentication for its high-value assets and has a range of other significant cybersecurity risks.


New Hiring Methods Help FBI and CIA Combat Cyber Talent Shortage

Officials at the intelligence and law enforcement agencies say they’re facing the national cyber talent shortage head-on, from implementing a new approach to hiring top cyber talent to new training programs and incentives.


DHS Cyber Talent Management System Boasts Just 80 Hires After Nearly Two Years

Integrating the new hiring acquisition system across the Department of Homeland Security has “been a real project,” said the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.


A New Report Highlights Procurement Innovation Hubs That May Help Achieve White House Equity Goals

The Partnership for Public Service report identified specific case studies across the federal procurement community that modeled collaboration and could advance White House policies on equity, sustainability and modernization.


Taxpayer Data Is at Risk Due to Cybersecurity Deficiencies at IRS, a Report Warns

An annual assessment of the IRS' information technology program alleges critical cybersecurity deficiencies in the agency's handling of taxpayer data privacy.


VA Paid for But Didn't Deploy an Emergency Communications System

Despite spending over $8.5 million on a new emergency communication system contract, a new report has revealed that the Veterans Health Administration failed to establish the network by a deadline that passed more than three years ago.


OMB Failing to Set Cross-Agency IT Management Goals, Report Says

Administration officials disputed some of GAO's conclusions, noting that IT goals were embedded in other management agenda targets.


Consumer Product Safety Commission Failed to Complete Mandated Future of Work Plan, Report Says

The agency tasked with preventing unreasonable risks of injury and death from consumer products has not yet completed a required plan that considers post-pandemic office reentry and property management strategies, according to an inspector general's report. 


New Federal Website Offers Grants Info and Research to Counter Domestic Terrorism 

The Homeland Security Department hopes a new website will serve as a one-stop shop for visitors aiming to prevent targeted violence and domestic terrorism with a slew of local and national federal resources.


Government Employees And Defense Contractors Still Have Got Bad Passwords, Report Says

According to new research, a majority of government employees with exposed passwords were found to have reused them across multiple accounts. 


Acting National Cyber Director Offers New Details on Upcoming Cyber Workforce Strategy

The forthcoming plan is meant to accompany an overarching cyber strategy released last week that industry groups and cybersecurity experts said would be challenging to implement given the nation’s cyber workforce woes. 


The White House Will Officially Ban TikTok From Government Devices Within 30 Days

New guidance from the Office of Management and Budget finalizes a congressional push to ban the popular Chinese social networking app from all government devices amid privacy and security concerns.


OIG Finds Oversight Issues With GSA's Performance-Based Contracts

GSA contracting personnel produced performance reports that were "often incomplete or not available at all," according to a new inspector general's audit. 


National Cyber Director Chris Inglis Reportedly Set to Retire in the Coming Months

The first national cyber director has been shepherding the White House’s national cyber strategy with the help of industry professionals and cybersecurity experts.


TikTok Is an 'Enormous Threat,' the Leader of the Senate Intelligence Committee Says

Sen. Warner said the U.S. regulators have a "huge mountain to climb" when it comes to reducing risks from the massively popular, China-owned social media app.


TSA Administrator Says New Cyber Requirements in the Works for Aviation Industry

The administrator of the Transportation Security Administration said the White House is following a similar approach to how it crafted cyber requirements for the oil and gas pipeline industry following the 2021 Colonial Pipeline attack in crafting guidelines for the aviation sector.