Bryan Klopack

Executive Director of Research and Analysis Bryan Klopack is the Executive Director of Research and Analysis for the Government Executive Media Group (GEMG). In addition to leading the organization’s research arm, The Government Business Council (, he also serves as the Program Chair for the Excellence In Government LIVE event and editor of Excellence In Government ONLINE blog, Promising Practices. Prior to joining Government Executive Media Group in 2008, Bryan worked for the non-profit The Council for Excellence in Government after completing a Public Affairs Fellowship and a brief stint working in the U.S. Senate.
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The 3 Keys to Motivating Feds During Tough Times

September 13, 2012 "The job of federal manager is tough and getting tougher," concluded John Palguta, President of the Partnership for Public Service and moderator of a panel entitled "Leadership Beyond Limits: Breakthrough Practices for Increasing Employee Motivation" at Excellence in Government Live on Sept. 6. With a focus on the best methods...

Excellence is not an act, but a habit

August 29, 2012 For almost thirty years now, the concept of “excellence in government” has served as an aspiration in the federal community – actively championed by various organizations and officials. For more than a decade, the Excellence in Government Conference provided best practices to government innovators. As dramatic change comes to government...

Tidying Up: What Reorganization Can Do For Federal Agencies

July 25, 2012 Driven by budgetary constraints and Administrative priorities, federal managers are considering reorganization to increase effectiveness at the agency and program levels. Reorganization of any kind can complicate daily operations and generate uncertainty among the workforce, creating difficulties for today’s federal manager. In this industry insights report, GBC assesses the attitudes...

Governing by the Numbers: 3 Ways Data is Changing How Agencies Improve Performance

July 2, 2012 In 2007, just half of all federal managers reported using performance measurement data in setting program priorities. That percentage was down about ten points from 1997. Both Congress and the White House have recently initiated efforts to spur better collection and use of performance data to improve agency performance. Three...

WikiLeaks Two Years Later: Does the Pentagon Still Trust its Employees?

June 5, 2012 May 2012 marks the two-year anniversary of the arrest of Pfc. Bradley Manning, allegedly responsible for the leaking of hundreds of thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks. The Department of Defense and national security infrastructure have worked diligently in the past two years to plug security gaps with some progress....

Demanding More: Federal Agencies' Data Use to Drive Mission and Meet Mandates

November 15, 2011 While most federal agencies collect data, very few are able to use it to improve program outcomes, tighten efficiencies and identify areas to cut costs. While half of managers believe that cost constraints will "significantly increase" the importance of data, nearly 50 percent report having difficulty making their data both...

Adapting to Budget Pressures: Learning from the Department of Defense

November 1, 2011 Long an object of scrutiny over its vast hold on the federal budget, the Department of Defense will soon confront some of its toughest cost-cutting decisions. What lessons can your agency take away from the DoD's current budget pressures?

Making Virtual Work: Building Systems to Support a Mobile Workforce

October 1, 2011 Remote connectivity has made the federal workforce increasingly mobile, but its benefits are not fully realized when users encounter complicated processes and antiquated systems. The Government Business Council examines the challenges of remote work and the possible benefits available through desktop virtualization.

Architects of the Cloud: Insights from Early Adopters

July 1, 2011 How satisfied is the federal government with its own technology? Find out how subpar IT systems have become a growing concern for agencies, how federal managers feel about the advent of cloud computing, and best practices in IT modernization. n the way of federal employees becoming a truly mobile workforce?

Doing More with Less: How Federal Agencies Are Innovating Amid Budge Pressures

June 1, 2011 According to the recent study by the Government Business Council, rising budget constraints have had negative effects on federal agencies - 69 percent of federal managers see a decrease in employee morale and 48 percent report a decrease in ability to meet agency program or mission objectives. Less investment in...