HR and tech managers aren’t on the same page

Plans for bringing on future IT leaders need improvement, study finds.

Pay & Benefits

Losing ‘Use It or Lose It’

Flex spending account changes and STEM volunteering.

Advice And Comment

In the Line of Fire

Defense employees hunker down for the potential barrage of budget and workforce cuts.

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Not all feds will have the option of phased retirement

Participation will require mutual consent of employees and their agencies.

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Ryan’s plans on pay, benefits will be Romney's too, critics say

The candidate is now ‘tethered’ to his running mate’s budget, Rep. Chris Van Hollen says.

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Romney's VP pick has sought to freeze pay, trim benefits

Paul Ryan has pushed for an extended freeze and boosts in employees' retirement contributions.

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Senate appropriators OK military pay raise, reject layoff notice proposal

Amendment would have required contractors to issue warnings, contrary to Labor Department ruling.

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Recruiting Veterans, and Job Downgrades

VA brings on more veterans, but the specter of job downgrades could complicate the effort.


Focus On Jobs

VA boosts veteran recruiting, but the specter of job downgrades could complicate the effort.


Postal Service prepares for default, but says business will continue as usual

USPS cannot meet its $5.5 billion mandated retiree health benefit prefunding requirements by Aug. 1.


Justice HR officials implicated in nepotism ring

IG finds improper hiring practices in management division for third time since 2004.