Alex Wagner

Former chief of staff to the 22nd Secretary of the U.S. Army Wagner_Alex Alex Wagner served as chief of staff to the 22nd Secretary of the U.S. Army.
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Trump Battles Constraints on His Power

November 10, 2017 President Trump has never been shy about making his displeasure known—on any given subject—and last week, he offered criticism regarding the limits of his executive power. In a radio interview, the president declared: You know, the saddest thing is that because I’m the president of the United States, I am...

Winter Is Here, But the US is Not Ready for Cyber War

September 8, 2017 As HBO’ Games of Thrones thunderously concluded its season teasing the long-awaited battle between the armies of the living and the dead, a different kind of war has emerged outside of the writers’ imagination. Last month, in perhaps what has become a sign of the times, HBO admitted that hackers...

Why Congress and the Pentagon Should Bypass Trump’s Defense Spending Bill

June 28, 2017 This isn’t a normal year for national security. When the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee calls President Donald Trump’s 2018 budget request “inadequate...illegal and...dead on arrival,” the pressure is on for Congress and the Pentagon to work together to fill the leadership void created by an inexperienced and...