Retirement Planning

The State of Civil Service Retirement: CSRS and FERS

How optimistic are you about your retirement? Small steps can help allay your fears of the future.

What is the retirement age for federal employees?

Retirement involves making many decisions including deciding when to retire.

Mixed reactions to Medicare Part D in the FEHB

It's been almost five months since Part D was incorporated into many Federal Employees Health Benefit plans. How is it being received?

Essential things to know about your Social Security benefit: Part 2

Social Security, along with the FERS basic retirement benefit and the Thrift Savings Plan, can provide the financial security you will need during your life after retirement.  

Essential things to know about your Social Security benefit: Part 1

It is important to keep up with Social Security changes that can have an impact on your current and future benefits.

Postponing retirement problems: Part 2

Federal law trumps what might seem to make the most sense. 

Postponing retirement problems: Part 1

It’s important to know the difference between a postponed retirement and a deferred retirement. 

Resigning instead of retiring

How you leave the federal government matters when it comes to benefits.

Before asking for help, know the rules

Coordinating Medicare and the Federal Health Benefits Program can be hard to navigate without the right information.

The state of retiring and retired women

As we celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of American women during Women's History Month, let’s also take a moment to reflect on their retirement status.

The TSP savings rate is up, but so are the number of TSP loans

Answers to some of your questions about the government’s 401(k)-style retirement plan.

Slam the Scam

Some tips for avoiding scams and resources for help if you become victim to a scam artist.

Saving for retirement

Retirement planning is a lifelong learning affair and begins with the first day on the job.

Here’s how to find the information you need when planning for retirement

When it comes to leaving federal employment to transition to retirement, there are important decisions that must be made, and it is vital to know the difference between fact, fiction and rumor.

Getting ready for tax season

Some tax tips to consider as you plan for life after your federal career.