GovExec Daily: Your COVID-19 Emails, Answered

Katherine McIntire Peters and Tom Shoop join the podcast to react to our readers' stories of their agency issues with coronavirus isolation.

GovExec Daily: The Air Force Brings 500,000 Coronavirus Test Swabs Back From Italy

Marcus Weisberger joins the podcast to explain a story of a special delivery aboard a C-17 cargo plane

GovExec Daily: How Teleworkers and Agencies Are Affected by Coronavirus

Eric Katz and Heather Kuldell join the podcast to update on the latest efforts to keep the government operating and the public safe.

GovExec Daily: How the Pentagon is Responding to Coronavirus

Defense One's Brad Peniston joins the podcast to explain the Defense Department's moves during the early stages of the pandemic.

GovExec Daily: Coronavirus at the Bureau of Prisons

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to explain how the pandemic could quickly spread through a federal prison, infecting inmates and staff alike.

GovExec Daily: Telework Best Practices From a Manager

As the coronavirus pandemic forces more Americans to work from home, Katherine McIntire Peters talks with the podcast about how she manages a remote staff.

GovExec Daily: FLRA Wants to Make it Easier For Feds to Cancel Union Dues

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to talk about the future of unions in the federal government in light of the board's proposed change.

GovExec Daily: How the Coronavirus Scare is Changing How Feds Work

Nextgov's Heather Kuldell and GovExec's Eric Katz join the podcast to talk about agencies' plans for the workforce as the COVID-19 epidemic grows.

GovExec Daily: How Government is Securing the 2020 Election

Andrea Noble and Courtney Bublé join the podcast to discuss the ability of governments to stave off election interference and other threats.

GovExec Daily: Transparency in the Trump Administration

Courtney Bublé and Tom Shoop join the podcast to examine the White House's claim that it is the "most transparent ever."

GovExec Daily: How Unions Are Protecting Feds From Everything from Relocation to Coronavirus

Courtney Bublé and Erich Wagner spoke to the podcast about the state of public service unions and their place in the federal ecosystem.

GovExec Daily: How Food Safety Job Changes Could Affect Your Breakfast

Eric Katz explains to GovExec Daily how a new regulatory change will affect the way pork is inspected and what that will mean for your bacon.

GovExec Daily: The Taliban Deal and the Future of Afghanistan

Defense One's Kevin Baron joins the podcast to discuss the future of American power worldwide in the wake of a tentative deal to draw down the longest U.S. war.

GovExec Daily: Cybersecurity Threats, Encryption and the Supply Chain

Fresh from the RSA Conference 2020, Nextgov's Mariam Baksh spoke to GovExec Daily about the cyber threats facing the U.S.

GovExec Daily: Where Governments Are Succeeding – and Failing – in the Coronavirus Fight

Kate Queram and Eric Katz rejoin the program to assess the new wave of pandemic response from federal, state and local authorities.

GovExec Daily: The Future of 5G Hospitals

Nextgov's Brandi Vincent and Heather Kuldell explain to the podcast how the Veterans Affairs Department is looking to lead the way in health care technology.

GovExec Daily: The White House Says It Is Purging Never Trumpers from Agencies

With reports that the White House has lists of "disloyal" people in government, Katherine McIntire Peters and Eric Katz joined GovExec Daily to discuss what that will mean for civil servants.