Pay Raise

White House Internships Will Soon Be Paid

The move comes as part of an administration-wide push to improve the recruitment of young federal workers.

Firefighters Union Calls for Higher Pay Amid Staffing Shortage

A Senate committee also advanced legislation this week that would make it easier for federal firefighters to qualify for workers compensation benefits in connection with chronic conditions associated with firefighting.

As Lawmakers Talk Big Pay Raises, Managers Bemoan Pay Compression

According to the Congressional Research Service, the cap on General Schedule pay is now impacting pay raises in 30 different locality pay areas across the country.

The Forest Service Rushes to Hire Enough Firefighters Ahead of Wildfire Season

Stakeholders warn shortages again threaten the Biden's administration's approach to combatting the fires.

More Than 60 Democratic Lawmakers Want a 5.1% Raise for Feds

The lawmakers asked the leadership of the House Appropriations Committee to override President Biden’s plan to offer an average 4.6% raise for federal employees in 2023.

GovExec Daily: Biden's Budget Has a Big Pay Raise In It For Feds

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss the blueprint's workforce provisions.

Biden’s 2023 Budget Would Pay for TSA Raises and the Move to General Schedule

The Transportation Security Administration has begun the process of granting its employees full federal civil service rights, although it needs more than $1 billion in additional funding to end the pay disparity with General Schedule workers.

GovExec Daily: Pay, Policy and Biden's FY2023 Budget Blueprint

Tanya Ballard Brown and Courtney Bublé join the podcast to discuss the administration plan released this week.

Biden Proposes a 4.6% Raise for Federal Workers for 2023

If enacted, the figure would mark the largest pay increase for federal employees in two decades.

Biden Is Reportedly Planning to Propose the Highest Pay Raise for Feds in 20 Years, at 4.6%

The proposal for a 2023 pay boost would be part of the president's budget request, which could be released next month.

Better Bonuses and Child Care Subsidies Are Coming to VA Employees

On Wednesday, Secretary Denis McDonough announced new steps to hire and retain workers amid unusually high turnover.

Career Prosecutors at the Justice Dept. Are Asking for Better Pay and More Telework

In a pair of letters, a professional association representing the prosecutors said the department should improve pay and working conditions to keep pace with legal employers in the private sector.

GovExec Daily: An Early 2023 Pay Raise Proposal

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss a plan out of Congress for feds' pay.