How to Watch the Government Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

A week from now, we’ll honor some of government’s all-time greats—and then some current all-stars.

Government Leadership at its Best: Meet the 2021 Teddy Award Winners

From introducing autonomous vehicles in the national parks to defending space, these leaders exemplify excellence.

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The National Academy of Public Administration's Terry Gerton joins the podcast to discuss how to make it easier for levels of government to work together.

Government Hall of Fame Inductees To Be Unveiled Next Week

Honorees in the annual Theodore Roosevelt Government Leadership Awards will also be unveiled before a virtual gala in October.

‘Get Out Now’ – Inside the White House on 9/11, According to the Staffers Who Were There

A top White House aide to President George W. Bush recounts what 9/11 was like for White House staffers.

GovExec Daily: Managing a Merger and a Pandemic – All at Once

Roy Azevedo of Raytheon Intelligence & Space joined the podcast to discuss managing a huge contractor during a period of upheaval.

All These Simultaneous Disasters Are Messing With Our Brains

The earthquakes and wildfires and wars keep piling up. When does our empathy run out?

GovExec Daily: Emotional Leadership and Expression

The University of California-Riverside's Dr. Thomas Sy joins the podcast to discuss how management is perceived depending on emotional expression.

GovExec Daily: The Culture Wars, Return to Offices and Management

Kearney's Leslie Parker joins the podcast to discuss how to navigate information about COVID-19 in the workplace.

Why Women Need Male Allies in the Workplace – and Why Fighting Everyday Sexism Enriches Men Too

While women felt more included when they perceived male colleagues as allies, men who saw themselves that way reported more personal growth as a result.

GovExec Daily: How to Best Apply Performance Pressure

University of Georgia's Dr. Marie S. Mitchell joins the podcast to discuss how best to manage employees using challenging pressure against threatening pressure.

‘The Premonition’: Two Takeaways for Government

Michael Lewis’ new book about the pandemic highlights public servants’ enduring challenges in navigating messy bureaucracies.

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Tom Shoop joins the show to discuss the Government Hall of Fame and The Theodore Roosevelt Government Leadership Awards.

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Michael Lee Stallard joins the podcast to discuss how to foster a better return to office.

If There Ever Was a Time We Needed a Government Hall of Fame …

It’s now. Luckily, we have one. And nominations are open for this year’s class of inductees, along with the annual Teddy Awards for leadership achievement.