Inspectors General

A Watchdog Finds Missing Guns, Other Issues With the Federal Government’s Firearm Donation Program

GSA lacks a clear policy and proper oversight for its efforts to provide states with guns that federal agencies no longer need.

The Commerce Dept. Needs Better Oversight of its Law Enforcement Unit, IG Found

The unit handles investigations and enforcement actions on violations related to export laws and regulations, and the bureau that houses it has become “even more important amid Russia’s war and rising U.S.-China tensions,” one analyst observed. 

ATF Should Shore Up Its Policies on Hiring Family and Friends, Says Watchdog

Recruiting family and friends as special agents isn’t an issue in and of itself, but more can be done for the agency’s policies and training, the Justice Department inspector general said.

Women at the FBI Training Academy Faced Sexist Jokes and Other Inappropriate Behavior, IG Finds 

The Justice Department inspector general made seven recommendations for addressing disparities, which the FBI agreed with. 

No Inmate Transfer ‘Should be Handled Like Bulger’s,” Federal Watchdog Says

The Justice Department’s inspector general issued a series of recommended reforms in response to the killing of mobster James “Whitey” Bulger just hours after a move to a new prison.

Inspector General Reforms Could Be on the Horizon 

The negotiated version of the National Defense Authorization Act contains language to protect IGs from political interference and help them do their jobs better. 

GovExec Daily: Vacancies, Inspectors General and Oversight at the Pentagon

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss the newly-confirmed Defense Department inspector general.

The Defense Department Finally Has a Permanent Watchdog

“I shall continue to be true to the principle of nonpartisanship that is a hallmark of the IG system,” Robert Storch said during his confirmation hearing.

DHS Accuses Its Watchdog of Being ‘Inaccurate, Contextually Incomplete and Confusing’

This was in response to the inspector general’s annual report on management and performance challenges at the department. 

It’s OK for the Acting Pentagon Watchdog to Remain in Place, A New Legal Opinion Says

The Office of Legal Counsel opinion differs from what the Government Accountability Office found over the summer.

Republicans Want a Briefing to Find Out How Well (Or Not) Agencies Are Cooperating With the Afghanistan Watchdog

“Some of these allegations [about failure to provide information] are simply false,” said a State Department spokesperson.

After Six Years, It’s Time to Confirm a Defense Department Inspector General

IGs perform a critical role in holding powerful officials and government agencies accountable, and the Senate should confirm a Defense IG when it returns from recess.  

A Watchdog Says the Global Media Agency Lacks Clear and Consistent Policies to Ensure Editorial Independence

The finding comes as part of a “targeted inspection” of the agency’s editorial independence and journalistic standards. 

The IG Council Has Confirmed That It Is Investigating Homeland Security Watchdog Officials 

The council also pushed back on broader claims that it is “failing” in its mission. 

Federal Watchdogs Recognized for Their Outstanding Accomplishments

The Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency hosted its 25th annual awards ceremony on Tuesday.