Inspectors General

House Democrat Seeks to Hold IGs Accountable for Reviewing Agencies’ Reopenings

Most of the watchdog offices contacted by Rep. Connolly plan to conduct some form of review. 

Trump Administration Misled Congress to Justify Relocating Employees, IG Says

The decision to move the Bureau of Land Management headquarters to Grand Junction, Colorado, was not all about growing costs, as agency officials suggested.

Watchdog: OSHA Had Trouble Processing Whistleblower Complaints Efficiently Even Before Coronavirus Hit

During the first four months of the pandemic the agency received 30% more complaints than during the same period in 2019. 

Inspector General Blasts Efforts to Transfer OPM Facility Authority to GSA

The Office of Personnel Management watchdog said the Trump administration took action without regard to the impact, potentially incurring millions of dollars in recurring annual costs.

Federal Bureau of Prisons Spent $3M on Unproven UV Coronavirus Sanitizing Portals 

The gates intended to disinfect staff as they enter facilities haven’t been studied enough to know if they are safe or effective, union says in complaint to IG.  

Acting State Department IG Will Resign Effective Friday

Amb. Stephen Akard was installed after Trump’s controversial firing of IG Steve Linick in May. 

GovExec Daily: The Holes in the Vacancies Act

The Project on Government Oversight's Rebecca Jones joins the show to talk about the large amount of acting officials in the Trump administration.

Watchdog Accuses OPM of Slow-Rolling Hiring Abuse Investigation

IG is looking into alleged misuse of direct hire authority to install political appointees in positions that should be held by career federal workers.

Medicare Agency’s Contracting Violations Show Need for Pandemic Oversight

Experts say HHS inspector general’s findings should serve as a warning about potential waste, fraud and abuse.

EPA Watchdog To Review the Agency’s Reopening Process

The return to offices during the pandemic has been a source of tension between the agency and its union.

IG: Hurricane Dorian ‘Sharpiegate’ Report Was ‘Delayed, Thwarted and Effectively Estopped’ 

The Commerce Department denies it obstructed the process of publishing the watchdog’s full findings. 

New Legislation Would Increase Oversight Of Agency Relocations

Measure would require federal officials to conduct detailed cost-benefit analyses and provide them to inspectors general and the public for review before undertaking any effort to move federal agencies.

Senator Asks Inspector General to Investigate Global Media Agency Firings

The new U.S. Agency for Global Media CEO has sparked fears over politicization of employees’ journalism. 

Top Senate Democrat Asks for Probe of Manhattan U.S. Attorney Removal

Request comes as the House will hear on Wednesday from Justice officials on supposed politicization of the department.

Watchdog: HHS Hasn't Done Enough to Catalog Reports of Sexual Misconduct in Migrant Children Facilities

In a six month period in 2018, the Health and Human Services Department IG found more than 700 possible sexual incidents of varying severity, including 48 incidents of misconduct by an adult against a minor.