Inspectors General

Lawmaker Requests IG Probe Into Trump COVID-19 Food Program

A report from Democratic congressional staff found “serious red flags” with some of the contractors involved in the program. 

After Having Their Computers Monitored, Employees Blast SSA Watchdog

Employee group pledges to bring its complaints to the White House and Congress.

Biden Moves to Fill More Inspector General Vacancies, Announcing 3 Nominees 

One of the watchdog positions has been without permanent leadership since June 2014. 

Lawmaker Urges Watchdogs to Review Special Immigrant Visa Process for Afghans

The process has been scrutinized in the wake of the Taliban’s takeover and U.S. withdrawal. 

Training the Watchdogs: ‘Our Job Doesn't End When You Leave The Door’ 

Government Executive spoke with Douglas Holt, executive director of the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency’s training institute.

Afghanistan Watchdog to Brief Lawmakers on Tuesday

“It is vital to understand what happened in Afghanistan,” said House Republicans in requesting the bipartisan briefing.

Republicans Seek Briefing from Afghanistan Reconstruction Watchdog

“It is unclear if continued U.S. assistance would find its way into the hands of terrorists and be used to finance attacks on Americans,” GOP members wrote.

‘All the Signs Have Been There’ Predicting Afghan Security Force Collapse, IG Says

For more than a decade, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction has been warning about “ghost soldiers” and corruption to anyone willing to pay attention.

Afghanistan Reconstruction Oversight Continues Despite U.S. Withdrawal 

“As long as there's money flowing, there's a need for oversight and SIGAR’s responsibility,” says John Sopko, special IG for Afghanistan reconstruction. 

FBI Agent Used Photos of Young Female Support Staff in Undercover Sex Stings

The images, of staffers not certified to work on undercover investigations, potentially put the women in danger, IG says.

DOJ Will Not Prosecute Trump Officials After IG Referred Findings of False Testimony on Census

Investigators verified that former Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross misled Congress, but the Justice Department said it won't pursue prosecution.

Inspector General Vindicates Top Global Media Agency Officials Suspended During Trump Administration

The situation was one of many controversial ones under the agency’s former CEO, who claims he was trying to “return this agency to fulfilling its legally mandated mission.”