Inspectors General

IG Flags Food Safety Concerns at Federal Prisons

The Bureau of Prisons does not have a protocol to “ensure its food supply is safe and meets contractual requirements.”

Senate Democrats Call on Justice Dept. IG to Investigate Political Interference

Meddling by the Trump administration could “permanently damage the integrity and independence” of the department, they wrote. 

Watchdog: EPA Needs to Improve Management of Environmental Program Along the U.S.-Mexico Border 

Documentation of progress was “frequently unreliable” and program information was “neither transparent nor accessible,” said the report.

Watchdog Finds Serious Staffing and Leadership Problems at State Department

Officials still feel the ramifications of the Trump administration’s 16-month hiring freeze.

EPA Could Save Taxpayers Thousands of Dollars Through Stronger Oversight of Mobile Phones

The agency “missed an opportunity” to better use $12,000 spent over two years on unnecessary voice and data services, watchdog finds.

Watchdog: High Risk of Improper Payments with State Dept. Purchase Cards

In 2018, more than 2,250 department card holders made purchases totaling $109.5 million.

Watchdog: OPM is At Risk of Not Being Able to Restore IT Systems Post-Disaster 

The massive 2015 data breaches that exposed personal information of current and former federal employees are the subject of an ongoing lawsuit. 

Watchdog Concludes Defense Appointee Sexually Harassed Employees

Guy Roberts, former assistant secretary of Defense for nuclear, chemical and biological defense programs, hugged, touched and made sexual comments toward several women, the Pentagon inspector general found.

Defense IG Will Review Recent $400 Million Border Wall Contract

Key House lawmaker asked for the review, citing possible improper influence by the Trump administration. 

IG Says It Is Helping Return As Much As $5.9 Billion to the Government 

The anticipated recoveries of misspent health program dollars would be the result of the HHS watchdog's work in fiscal 2019.

Trump’s Anger With IG Over Impeachment Role Highlights High Watchdog Vacancy Rate

There is “a long history of resistance” to inspectors general from the administrations in which they serve, says Paul Light.

IG Warns of 'Ruinous' Relationship With EPA Over Failures to Cooperate

EPA chief of staff told investigators "Do not contact me further" unless they agreed to provide advance notice of the information sought, counter to investigative practice.

Watchdog: EPA ‘Effectively Managed’ Hurricane Harvey Relief Funds

Inspector general finds EPA handled $11 million in FEMA funds appropriately, corrected issues found in previous investigations.

Thousands of IRS Employees Are Working Outside Jobs That Risk Conflicts of Interest

In 2016, 167 employees had potentially prohibited second jobs and 2,196 were at high-risk for conflict of interest.

Inspector General Vacancies Continue to Jeopardize Oversight and Investigations

Thirteen of 74 positions lack a permanent IG and some of the openings date back to Obama era, according to a watchdog.