The People Behind the Federal Spending Cut Dilemmas

Before slashing federal jobs, lawmakers should think about the mission voters would like the government to perform.

A Federal Agency Budget Freeze Seems Likely at a Minimum, as Debt Deal Remains Elusive

The contours of a deal are taking shape even as negotiators say they remain divided with less than 10 days until potential furloughs or missed paychecks for feds.

Army Mulls 10-20% Cut to Special Operations Forces

Lawmakers and Army officials have discussed cuts through decade’s end, including to Green Berets, psyops, and enablers.

Biden and McCarthy Strike Positive Tone After Debt Limit Talks, But No Deal Yet

"We don’t have an agreement yet, but I did feel the discussion was productive in areas that we have differences of opinion,” McCarthy said Monday.

GOP Lawmakers Demand Telework Stats from Federal Agencies

Congressional Republicans argued that the Biden administration’s recent efforts to scale back the use of telework are insufficient.

A Default on the U.S. Debt Would Be Far Worse Than a Government Shutdown. Here’s How

National security, transportation, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid would be impacted.

Overhaul Federal Permitting as Part of the Debt Limit Deal? Not as Easy as It Sounds.

Time is running out for a deal on permitting legislation to be included in a debt limit bill.

Talks on a Spending and Debt Deal Come to a Halt

As negotiators look to avoid delaying paychecks for feds, Republicans say they hit pause on negotiations.

There is No Firm Plan Yet for Feds' Pay in a Debt Ceiling Breach

GovExec Senior Correspondent Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss the ongoing negotiations as a default looms.

Pay Raises and Hiring Are Where Lawmakers Agree in DHS Spending BiIl

Other common ground on the Homeland Security Department's spending levels is harder to come by.

A U.S. Attorney Quits After 'Most Egregious' Hatch Act and Ethical Violation Reports

Leaking non-public information to media outlets to influence an election and using her position to gain Celtics tickets were among the transgressions found by investigators.

Biden Vows Debt Ceiling Talks Will Continue while He’s Overseas at G7 Summit

Treasury Secretary Yellen repeatedly warned Congress accounting maneuvers will be exhausted within weeks, U.S. could default on its bills as early as June 1.

Fight the Long-Running FEHBP Abortion Ban, Gender Equity Group Urges House Democrats

The Department of Justice Gender Equality Network said the Hyde amendment unfairly makes women’s health care decisions more costly and traumatic, even when covered by exceptions in cases of rape, incest or the health of the mother.

Old Guns Could Find a New Home With Federal Law Enforcement Officers Under a New Bil

Supporters say the bill, which the House approved on Wednesday evening, will save the federal government millions of dollars.

Anti-Telework Bill Makes Its Way to the Senate

The SHOW UP Act, which narrowly passed the House in February, requires federal agencies to revert to their telework policies prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.