Congressional Black Caucus Meets with Biden to Push for Police Accountability

Last year, at least 1,192 people were killed by law enforcement officers in the U.S., and 26% were Black people despite making up more than 13% of U.S. population

U.S. House Agrees on Something: Lawmakers Condemn ‘The Horrors of Socialism’

However, Democrats rebuked majority Republicans for spending time on “political stunt” and refusing to allow debate on Social Security, Medicare amendment

Lawmakers Want the Head of the National Drug Policy Office Back in the Cabinet 

A group of bipartisan, bicameral lawmakers is making this push ahead of President Biden’s State of the Union speech next week. 

Biden and McCarthy Hold ‘Productive’ and ‘Frank’ Debt Limit Talks as Fiscal Cliffs Loom

“I thought this was a very productive conversation,” the Speaker of the House said.

House Republicans Vote to Turn Back Time on Telework Policies

The SHOW UP Act would require federal agencies to revert to their telework policies prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watchdogs to Congress: Keep the COVID-Era Data Center

The first hearing of the House Oversight and Accountability for the 118th Congress focused on pandemic money and fraud.

IOUs, Furloughs and More: Feds' Concerns About a Debt Default

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss the potential effects of a debt ceiling breach on agencies.

House Lawmakers Want VA's $20 Billion-Plus Electronic Health Record Program to Improve or Else

Senior Republicans on the House Veterans' Affairs Committee are backing legislation to end the troubled program to replace the Veterans Affairs Department's homegrown electronic health record system with commercial software from Oracle-Cerner -- unless the program can hit performance targets and satisfy top hospital officials.

The New House Accountability Committee Chairman: ‘We’re Two Years Behind in Oversight’

Meanwhile, Democrats say Comer and his fellow Republicans are hypocritical and partisan.

Legislators Renew Efforts to Protect Consumers from an Eavesdropping Fridge

The reintroduced bill asks the Federal Trade Commission to establish disclosure guidelines for smart devices and appliances that consumers would not expect to be recording them.

Left in Limbo, a Handful of Biden’s Defense Picks Await Senate Action

Four nominees—all people of color—received committee approval months ago but have yet to get a Senate vote.

Congressional Democrats Propose an 8.7% Pay Raise for Feds in 2024

The annually introduced bill would provide a 4.7% across-the-board increase in basic pay and an average 4% increase to locality pay.

The Debt Limit Fight May Have Long-Term Budget Consequences

Doug Criscitello joins the podcast to discuss the effects of a prolonged fight and how it will affect government operations.

CEOs Downplay Anticipated Gridlock on Capitol Hill, Defense Spending Cuts

Lockheed, Raytheon chiefs also say pandemic-era supply-chain woes are subsiding.

Biden, Democrats to U.S. House Republicans: Show Us Your Debt Limit Plan

The Treasury Department has been using accounting maneuvers to continue paying all of the country’s bills in full and on time.

The House Wants Agencies to Reveal the Deals They Cut to Avoid Lengthy Legal Battles

The settlement agreements federal agencies enter into would become more transparent under a bill passed Tuesday.

Agencies Are Emphasizing Skills and Experience in Hiring. The House Has Voted to Make it Official.

The measure would bring civil service law in line with initiatives already underway to improve how the federal government recruits and hires new workers.