Congress Launches Investigations into Capitol Police Following Siege

Two Senate committees add an inquest to the House inquiry announced on Thursday.

Riots Shine Light on ‘Infamously Opaque’ Capitol Police 

The 193-year old agency has a large budget and workforce, but lacks transparency mechanisms. 

U.S. Capitol Now More Vulnerable As a Result of Wednesday’s Mob Attack, Former DHS Official Says

A lack of coordination among authorities was evident and will make securing the seat of legislature harder.

Cabinet Secretaries Condemn Violent Protests at U.S. Capitol

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said Thursday she would leave office on January 11.

Federal Agencies Respond to Riots at U.S. Capitol 

The Justice, Homeland Security and Interior departments are among those involved. 

The ‘Gateway Drug to Corruption and Overspending’ Is Returning to Congress – but Are Earmarks Really that Bad?

Banned in 2011, pork-barrel spending may return to Congress, where Democrats want to resurrect the practice to make passing budgets easier – and help keep their narrow majority in 2022 elections.

Bipartisan Law Enacted to Improve FEMA’s Pre-Disaster Contracts

The law is based on recommendations from a 2018 Government Accountability Office report. 

House Votes to Override Trump’s NDAA Veto

The Senate will likely vote Tuesday, potentially overriding Trump’s veto for the first time in his presidency.

Spending Agreement Would Allow 1% Pay Raise, Fails to Ban Schedule F

Provision in the fiscal 2021 omnibus appropriations bill would give feds until the end of next year to repay payroll taxes deferred by the Trump administration from September through December.

Democratic Lawmakers Seek to Increase Oversight of ‘Midnight’ Regulations

Bill would require the Government Accountability Office to submit various reports to Congress.

A Guide to Pay and Benefits During a Shutdown

Although lawmakers ultimately expect to reach a deal on federal appropriations, failure to pass a bill before Friday’s deadline could lead to a short lapse in funding. Here's what feds need to know.

Broad Coalition of Employee, Advocacy Groups Makes Last-Ditch Effort to Convince Congress to Block Schedule F

With just days remaining until the latest government shutdown deadline, more than 60 organizations are pressuring Democratic lawmakers to ensure spending legislation includes a provision preventing the Trump administration from politicizing the civil service.

Defense Policy Bill Includes Bipartisan Provision for Greater Transparency on Federal Spending

The bill will create a central inventory of spending information, which good government groups say is overdue.  

Election Commission Regains Quorum and Resumes Full Duties, Facing a Massive Backlog of Work 

There are 446 matters before the agency and 275 staff reports awaiting decisions from the commissioners. 

House Overwhelmingly Passes Defense Bill With Leave Benefits, Setting Up Confrontation with Trump

Although the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act has bipartisan support in both chambers of Congress, the president has threatened to veto the must-pass bill over unrelated matters.

Compromise Defense Policy Bill Includes Paid Parental Leave Fix, Allows Feds to Carry Over More Annual Leave

The latest version of the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act does not include House-passed measures blocking the Defense secretary from exempting Pentagon employees from collective bargaining.

Good Government Group Urges Feds to Lobby Congress Against Schedule F

In a rare move, the Partnership for Public Service asked the public to contact lawmakers to muster opposition to the Trump administration’s effort to politicize the federal civil service.