Will Congress Ever Repeal Its Post-9/11 War Authorizations?

The passage of two decades since the Sept. 11 terror attacks might be a “wake-up call” for lawmakers.

Lawmaker Opinion on Federal Employee Vaccine Mandate Breaks Along Party Lines

As President Biden announced an executive order requiring all federal employees and contractors to get vaccinated against COVID-19, he accused some Republican officials of sabotaging efforts to end the pandemic.

Provisions Easing Firefighter Shift Trades and Equalizing Locality Pay Make It Into Major Defense Bill

The odds of two key priorities of federal employee unions becoming law shot up as they were attached to the fiscal 2022 National Defense Authorization Act.

Marine Corps Commandant Wants Review of Afghanistan Evacuation

“While it's relatively fresh in our minds, we need the honest, open critique,” Gen. Berger says.

Lawmakers Load Defense Bill With Measures Demanding Answers for Afghanistan's Fall—and Its Future

Armed Services Committee members passed several bipartisan Afghanistan-related amendments amid partisan jabs at Biden.

The Future of U.S.-Taliban Relations

Blinken says cooperation is possible, but only if Taliban acts appropriately.

Annual Defense Policy Bill Includes Repeal of Two-Year Probationary Period for Pentagon Hires

The reduction of the probationary period to one year is among several provisions in the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act that will affect civilian personnel.

Afghanistan Watchdog to Brief Lawmakers on Tuesday

“It is vital to understand what happened in Afghanistan,” said House Republicans in requesting the bipartisan briefing.

Republicans Seek Briefing from Afghanistan Reconstruction Watchdog

“It is unclear if continued U.S. assistance would find its way into the hands of terrorists and be used to finance attacks on Americans,” GOP members wrote.

Some Veterans Say Republicans are Blocking Their Ability to Vote

Democrats and veterans groups say the bill would expand access to early and mail-in voting, which can make voting easier for disabled veterans

What Will Decrease Training Deaths? More Training, GAO Says

A recent increase in non-combat vehicle deaths could be reversed with more, better training, GAO’s newest report says.

Senator Seeks Information on ‘Rogue’ Commerce Department Unit

The Investigative and Threat Management Service is alleged to have targeted department employees and wrongly engaged in counterintelligence operations. 

Congress Is Slashing a $30 Billion Plan to Fight the Next Pandemic

The proposal would overhaul America’s approach to tackling outbreaks, allowing scientists to develop vaccines in advance. But for now, Democrats are cutting it down.