Archivist Confirmation Hearing Turns to Politics Behind Mar-a-Lago Search

Republicans seized on a traditionally "sleepy" confirmation process to draw attention to the National Archives and Records Administration's involvement in the FBI search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

House Republicans Argue That a COVID Standard for the Health Care Industry is Unnecessary

This follows the president's comments that the pandemic is over, but there is still work to be done.

US Military: Bad Publicity Is Hurting Recruiting. Lawmakers: Fix Your Problems

As services miss end-strength and accession goals, senators at personnel hearing have some blunt suggestions.

Your Guide to Pay and Benefits During a Shutdown

Although lawmakers are loath to let appropriations lapse ahead of an election, complications remain over permitting reform and other measures expected to be included in legislation to keep the government open.

The Senate Has Confirmed a VOA Veteran to Lead the Global Media Agency

Lawmakers and union officials have been concerned recently about slashing staff at the Office of Cuba Broadcasting. 

Senators Are Floating a Plan to Authorize Local-level Federal Executive Boards

The bipartisan Improving Government Efficiency and Workforce Development through Federal Executive Boards Act is designed to strengthen the workforce development activities of the boards.

A House Panel Overwhelmingly Advanced Legislation to Protect Federal Workers During Pandemics

The Chai Suthammanont Healthy Federal Workplaces Act would require federal agencies to develop and publish workplace safety plans to prepare for future pandemics.

GovExec Daily: Is Another Shutdown on the Horizon?

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss the latest in the CR negotiations.

The US Weighs Escalation Risk As Ukraine Asks for Longer-range Missiles

Will ATACMS become the latest weapon that Washington has initially withheld, but ultimately given? 

Legislation Increasing Whistleblower Protections for Federal Employees Gets House Approval

It is one of several bills House lawmakers took up this week to improve government transparency and accountability. 

Lawmakers Take Another Step Toward Avoiding the Chaos of the Last Presidential Transition

A bill would require transition resources to go to both sides if there is a time period when the election results are in doubt.  

The House Has Approved a Bill to Prevent Future Schedules F

Despite the support of more than 30 good government groups, Republicans remained largely opposed to the measure.

The House Plans to Take Up Whistleblower Protections Legislation

The bill would fill in gaps from previous whistleblower legislation, according to a coalition of advocacy groups.

New Fight Opens in Congress Over VA Policy that Sidesteps State Abortion Bans

Sharp GOP criticism of new abortion policy is expected to lead to court challenges

Lawmaker Looks to Increase Congressional Oversight of Embassy Projects

A new bill comes in response to issues identified in the construction of a new embassy compound in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

A Bipartisan Bill Would Boost NIH’s Research on Menopause

The bill would also authorize additional funding for the agency. 

GovExec Daily: Tackling the Climate Crisis on Capitol Hill

Samantha Medlock, senior counsel with the Select Committee on Climate Crisis, speaks to GovExec about legislation and the environment.