A House Committee Votes to Boost the Defense Budget By $37B

The House Armed Service Committee’s topline is more than Biden’s budget request, but less than that of its Senate counterpart

Top GSA Buildings Official Talks About the Future of Federal Offices

“Right now, what I think the opportunity is is to have fewer buildings and better buildings,” the Public Buildings Service commissioner told lawmakers. 

Jan. 6 Committee Hearings Show What Went Right, not Just What Went Wrong

Coverage of the House Jan. 6 hearings focuses on what went wrong that led up to Trump supporters’ laying siege to the U.S. Capitol. A government scholar looks at what went right, both then and now.

A Senate Panel Approves a $45B Boost to the Defense Department's 2023 Topline Funding

The House draft followed Biden’s budget, but lawmakers are expected to debate the funding number next week.

Small Business Leaders Urge Congress to Address Category Management Woes

As the rate of small businesses providing goods and services to the federal government plummets, experts are demanding lawmakers reassess an increasingly popular procurement method meant to reduce burdens and cost.

Former Pentagon Cyber Official Loses Her Bid for Congress Despite Donald Trump’s Backing

Katie Arrington, who led a Defense Department push to bring 300,000 contractors into compliance with cyber hygiene policies, lost her race to oust a Republican incumbent in a South Carolina congressional primary.

Pandemic Response Watchdogs Urge Agencies to Focus on ID Theft

Federal agencies need to contend with outdated tech, identity proofing and data issues while also helping identity fraud victims, inspectors general told a House panel on Tuesday.

Medication Abortion and Clinics on Federal Land: Here Are Democrats’ Ideas to Protect Abortion Access

Facing a congressional stalemate, Democratic senators have asked the White House to consider a bevy of executive actions to protect abortion care ahead of an expected Supreme Court decision gutting Roe v. Wade.

COVID Oversight Officials Request More Time and Money to Ferret Out Fraud

Democrats allege more mismanagement of pandemic funds by the Trump administration.

Lawmakers Want to Know How Much Bad Software Costs DOD

When the House Armed Services Committee begins its markup process of the annual defense authorization bill on June 8, look out for a provision asking the Pentagon to account for wasted money and lost productivity caused by poorly performing software.

How a Public Hearing Is Different from An Investigation – and What that Means for the Jan. 6 Committee

On the eve of public hearings held by Congress’ January 6 investigative committee, a former oversight staffer for the House of Representatives explains what such hearings aim to accomplish.

Lawmakers Grill VA Tech Officials Over Stalled Progress on Cybersecurity

Top cyber officials with the Department of Veterans Affairs told Congress they are opposed to a bipartisan bill seeking to strengthen the agency’s cybersecurity standards—despite its ongoing failures to meet oversight recommendations.

U.S. Tragedies from Guns Have Often – but not Always – Spurred Political Responses

Congress tends to be most likely to act after an assassination or assassination attempt of historic proportions or mass shootings. But sometimes lawmakers do nothing beyond debate new measures.

What 5 Previous Congressional Investigations Can Teach Us about the House Jan. 6 Committee Hearings

The public hearings of the House Jan. 6 investigative committee will deal with unprecedented events in American history, but the very investigation of these events has strong precedent.