Democrats Don’t Know How to Handle Bill Barr

Dems have a long list of grievances against Attorney General Barr, but the president’s ally at the Justice Department is proving an elusive target.

Critics, Allies Wonder What Trump’s Trying to Achieve with Troop Cuts

One GOP lawmaker worries “it’s going to hurt U.S. strategic interests more than it’s going to punish Germany.”

White House Concealed Finding That OPM Merger was Illegal, Report Says

Lawmakers are livid; administration officials deny they withheld information.

Democratic Senators Call for USAID to Investigate Anti-LGBT, Anti-Muslim Comments by Appointees

The Democrats’ request comes as the agency grapples with internal frustration over its approach to racism and bias.

New Law Directs FBI to Create National Law Enforcement Suicide Database 

President Trump enacted the measure amid efforts to curb law enforcement brutality. 

Democrats Propose Requiring Federal Law Enforcement Officers to Identify Themselves During Protests

“Transparency is a building block of public trust and federal law enforcement officials who hid their identities were not serving the public's interest,” said one lawmaker.

GovExec Daily: An Accountability and Oversight Update

Nextgov’s Frank Konkel and GovExec’s Courtney Bublé cover the latest news on inspectors general and the Trump administration.

'I Can’t Speak Negatively About the President,' Says Official Charged With Stimulus Oversight

President Donald Trump’s purge of watchdogs is on the mind of one of the newly hired officials charged with overseeing the more than $2 trillion CARES Act.

House Democrats Ask IC for Plans to Prevent Foreign Actors from Exploiting Racial Tensions

“Unfortunately, we know that foreign actors have historically sought to exploit tensions in American communities during times like these,” they wrote.

Watchdog Groups Highlight Potential Issues of Acting IGs Holding Dual Roles

In “today’s highly partisan environment” this setup could “understandably raise questions and create unease” in both the IG office and the agency where the official holds an executive job, said experts.  

Republican Senator Holds Up Nominations While Awaiting IG Firing Explanations

The positions now in limbo are National Counterterrorism Center director and State Department undersecretary for arms control and international security. 

Legislation Seeks to Increase Transparency and Strengthen Congress’ Role in Federal Spending

Both parties have “encroached on the power of the purse,” said one senator, but “this has been acutely true under this administration.”

OMB Nominee Pledges to Work With Congress and GAO on Coronavirus Investigations

The Office of Management and Budget will “be as responsive as we possibly can,” said Russell Vought. 

House Democrats Demand Trump Administration Stop Rushing Through Deportations of Migrant Children

Democratic congressional leaders expressed alarm at the sudden acceleration and requested the government “cease this practice immediately.”

Democratic Congressman Calls for Probe Into Former White House Official’s $3 Million Mask Deal

Trump’s former deputy chief of staff won a $3 million federal contract just days after registering his company. He delivered masks to Navajo hospitals that may not work. Rep. Gerry Connolly asked the HHS inspector general’s office to look into it.

Analysis: Congress May Not Like It When Trump Fires An Inspector General – But It Can’t Do Anything To Stop Him

President Trump isn't the first president to get rid of inspectors general. He is the first to assert that inspectors general investigations into his administration's actions are unconstitutional.