One Year Later: Documenting the Attack on the U.S. Capitol

The Smithsonian Institution shares its archiving efforts as the one-year anniversary of the siege of the Capitol approaches. 

OPM Faces Uncertain Funding Prospects

The federal government’s human resources agency is still dealing with budget shortfalls arising from moving background checks to the Defense Department, and the prospect of a full-year continuing resolution could exacerbate existing pressures.

We’re Heading Toward a Very American Climate Tragedy

If Democrats fail to pass a climate policy, they will all but guarantee that the world will warm by a dangerous amount and that the U.S. will surrender its technological advantage to China.

Lawmakers Propose Reforms Following ‘Flagrant Mismanagement’ of Trump Hotel Lease

Oversight of the lease has been the subject of controversy for years from lawmakers, government watchdogs and outside groups.

Congress Had the Votes to Overhaul How the Military Handles Serious Crimes. Why Didn’t It?

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says that despite rare bipartisan backing, ‘four men, in a closed room’ blocked long-sought changes to how the military handles sexual assault and other major justice issues.

Republicans Try to Undo Health Care Worker Vaccine Mandate

This is similar to the attempt to block the private business vaccine rule. 

Liberals ‘Need to Get On the Defense Committees,’ If They Want Change

“At this point, I think defense is just not that important to progressives one way or the other,” said one expert after Democrats came away from negotiations empty handed.

Biden’s FDA Pick to Prioritize Workforce Retention, Trust

Dr. Robert Califf already served in the role under the Obama administration. 

Why the January 6 Investigation Is Weirdly Static

The House committee can still succeed, but success won't look like what a lot of onlookers are hoping for.

With Defense Bill Set to Change Military Justice, One Senator Pushes for More

Gillibrand plans to call for an up-or-down vote on several proposals tossed from the 2022 NDAA.

Defense Spending Could Rise, Wall Street Analysis Say

Ten months into the Biden administration, predictions of flat budgets are evaporating amid inflation and Congress delays.

Compromise Defense Policy Bill Repeals Pentagon’s Two-Year Probationary Period, Grants Feds Bereavement Leave

Left out of the final bill was a provision that would align the General Schedule and Federal Wage System locality pay maps.

Should Military Police Wear Body Cams? Congress is Asking

After BLM and Jan. 6, some say the tech is "long overdue," but others scoff that it’s "a solution in search of a problem."

Congress Passes 10-Week Stopgap Spending Bill, Narrowly Avoiding Shutdown 

Lawmakers sidestepped last-minute hurdles in effort to buy time for passing full-year funding.  

House Panel Advances OPM Reform Legislation

Republicans opposed the bill aimed at insulating the Office of Personnel Management from political interference, arguing that doing so would lead to “unaccountable bureaucrats.”